Klaus Is So Misunderstood on 'The Originals'

Once again, The Originals ' big bad guy has been misunderstood and undermined. If you've been following the evolution of Klaus Mikaelson from his days on the CW's The Vampire Diaries to now, when he stars in the same role on the same network's The Originals, you know that he's constantly misunderstood and his good intentions are never trusted. It's sad and unfortunate, and it was especially depressing this week to watch his own brother and sister question his intentions for wanting his unborn child. I feel bad for Klaus — no matter what he does, he is constantly considered one of the most ruthless and blood-thirsty characters on vampire television.

And, based on his past, he didn't even stand a chance. In case you need a refresher, Klaus' mother decided to make her children immortal, transforming the boy into the lovely, monstrous version of himself that viewers see every week. But is he really a monster? Here are three moments when Klaus was misunderstood during his residency on The Vampire Diaries and The Originals:

When He Turned Out To Be A Werewolf

It turns out that Klaus actually isn't his father's son, hence he became the world's first hybrid. Klaus is actually the product of a union between his witchy mother and a werewolf, so when she decided to make him immortal — poof, hybrid. Mr. Mikaelson spent the remainder of his life chasing Klaus and the rest of his children around but really, it was only about Klaus. As soon as his werewolf nature came to light, Klaus was considered an "abomination." And if it weren't for Elijah, his father probably would've killed him.

Can you blame him for being ruthless? He found out that he didn't belong to his family in the least smooth way possible. That would make any child angry, let alone one with sharp fangs.

When He Had Actual Feelings For Caroline

Caroline never believed Klaus actually had feelings for her and had the best intentions when he saved her life. It was always about Tyler. Granted, Klaus was pretty pissed that his first sired hybrid turned out to be the worst, despite his feelings for her. She didn't believe his feelings, the Mystic Falls Peanut Gallery (Elena, Bonnie, Damon, Stefan) didn't believe his feelings, and she ended up sending him away to wait for her for ever while she pined over Tyler. Sure, Klaus did some terrible things, but terrible people can still be capable of love, especially when they believe they've found their true love. He was sweet to her and cared about her — those intentions were genuine and not just to screw with Tyler for being a shitty minion.

When His Family Didn't Think He Cared About His Baby

Elijah and Rebekah have been trying so hard to get Klaus to accept his hybrid, out-of-wedlock baby that they didn't stop to think that maybe he already had. Instead, they chose to betray him and side with Marcel, taking his baby mama away to "protect the child." Not cool, Mikaelson siblings, not cool. We know that Klaus has daggered you and punished you over the course of your centuries together, but he deserves a little more credit. Caroline warmed his wounded soul, and, deep down, he's definitely changed enough to embrace this baby for more than just the power of its blood. Give him a chance.

Nobody wants to give Klaus a chance to overcome the emotional scars of his shitty family, and it's not fair. Leave Klaus alone, people!

Image: CW