Will Toby Die In 'Petty Little Liars' Season 6? "O Brother, Where Art Thou" Could Find Him In Serious Danger

I know that most of my fellow Pretty Little Liars fans 'ship Haleb, and while I'm totally onboard for that ride (save for that half-season when Ravenswood happened, of course), I have to say that my number one 'ship has always been Spencer and Toby. Maybe it's just the fact that I love both these characters so damn much and love them the most when they're happy together, but of all of the relationships on this show, it's Spoby whom I most want as endgame right now. Unfortunately, there's a chance that it might not happen, because Toby could die before Pretty Little Liars is over.

I'm not saying that it will happen, but I am saying that it very well could. After all, someone bites the dust on Pretty Little Liars pretty much on the reg, we haven't seen any deaths yet in Season 6, and there are a few hints that it might be Toby's turn to go relatively soon. I know, I know — I don't want it to happen, either. But just in case it does, don't say I didn't warn you. For more on Spoby and what could be next for our favorite characters, check out Bustle's PLL podcast.

Here are some reasons why Toby might not be long for this world, even if it is my hope and dream that he and Spencer get married and have plenty of Scrabble-loving babies together.

The "O Brother, Where Art Thou" Preview

Pretty Little Liars on YouTube

There is a very scary moment in the promo for Tuesday night's new episode that shows Toby being toppled by metal rods as Spencer yells out his name. Though this incident specifically may not kill him, any kind of injury or close call could be foreshadowing a much more serious accident down the road.

He's A Rosewood Police Officer

Quick overview of the cops on this show: a lot of them are dead. Garrett was killed by Wilden, and then Wilden was killed by... Cece? We think? Anyway, who killed them is not as important as why — Rosewood's finest tend to have access to a lot of information, and A doesn't like that.

He Already Toyed With A

Remember when Toby joined the A team to get inside info, then double-crossed Mona and the person she was working for? I wouldn't be surprised if A still had a vendetta against Toby for that. After all, this is the person who tried to kill him by loosening the bolts on scaffolding during his construction job.

He Dies In The Books

To be fair, Toby is a very different character in Sara Shepard's PLL book series, and the TV show has seriously diverged from its source material. However, some things are the same between the two mediums, like Mona being the first A and Ali secretly being alive. Could Toby's death be one of the plot points PLL borrows from the books?

He Ruined A's Plan

Toby helped get the girls out of A's dollhouse, which couldn't have made the stalker very happy. Could A be biding his time as he waits to attempt revenge on Toby? It would kill two birds with one stone (no pun intended) by devastating Spencer in the process.

We don't know whether Toby will survive Pretty Little Liars Season 6, but here's hoping that these little clues are totally bogus and Spoby gets the A-free happy ending they deserve.

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