Re-Watching ‘The Lizzie McGuire Movie’ As An Adult

by Lindsey Kupfer

I grew up watching Hilary Duff playing Lizzie McGuire on the Disney Channel, and I still remember having a major crush on Ethan Craft and wishing that I had an animated subconscious that acted out what I was really feeling. So, in honor of my childhood with Lizzie and so many others who grew up watching the show, I spent a Wednesday night with wine and The Lizzie McGuire Movie, which I haven’t seen since it was released in 2003. OK, maybe around 2006 is the last time I saw it, but still, as an adult I gave it another watch to check out all the things I may have missed in the past.

Since it’s been 13 years since it came out, let me take you back and remind you what The Lizzie McGuire Movie is about. Lizzie McGuire takes a class trip to Rome with her bestie Gordo and her arch nemesis Kate. Of course on her first day of the trip she meets an Italian pop star who says she is the twin of his singing partner. He asks Lizzie to fill-in for her at the International Music Video Awards so Isabella (the singing partner) doesn’t get sued. Because of course that’s what happens when you go to Italy! Anyways, drama ensues. Here are 15 things that I never noticed until re-watching the film as an adult.

Lizzie Had All The Material Items To Be Popular

She was rocking her iBook, a bedazzled jean jacket and the famous Tiffany heart necklace that every cool girl had in the early 2000s.

She Was Graduating From Junior High

You guys! Lizzie was in 8th grade in the plot of this movie. I don’t know why I assumed she was graduating high school, but one chaperone took a group full of 14-year-olds to Rome. This is weird, no?

Diane Sawyer Was Still On GMA

After Lizzie’s graduation mishap, her father mentions that Diane Sawyer played it on Good Morning America. It’s been awhile since Sawyer’s days in morning news.

Lois From Family Guy Is In The Movie

Remember Ms. Ungermeyer? Meet Lois Griffin IRL.

And Paolo Was In Pretty Little Liars

Remember the cop Garrett Reynolds that was hooking up with Jenna and was potentially A for a minute until he died? That’s Paolo!

The Spaghetti Sandwich

Ethan Craft may have been dumb, but he left us with a really great idea. A spaghetti sandwich would be everything.

Why Is A Famous Singer Hanging At The Trevi Fountain?

I imagine if you lived in Rome the Trevi Fountain is a bit like Times Square or Hollywood and Highland for locals. Meaning you avoid it at all costs, because tourists.

This Casual Cartwheel On The Spanish Steps

Yeah, I do random cartwheels when I'm excited too....obviously.

Gordo Was SO Wise

So he had a crush on her, but he wasn’t being jealous and he was completely on point about Paolo. He warns her to slow down because of her infatuation over one day with him.

Why Is Kate Almost Always In A Business Suit?

Let’s go back and remember that they just graduated 8th grade. Take off that business suit Kate! Get some jeans.

Hilary Duff’s Italian Accent Though

I don’t think I noticed how terrible it was the first time around. Disney must have really splurged on her voice coach.

“You Shine Like The Light From The Sun”



So much body glitter. Everywhere. Do you think she got the roll-on kind from Bath and Body Works?

This Uncomfortable Move

No caption necessary.

Haylie Duff Was Isabella’s Singing Voice

When Lizzie and Isabella sing together at the end, the voice of Isabella is actually Hilary’s sister Haylie Duff.

Images: Disney/Screenshot (3); Wifflegif (9); Giphy; fyeslizziemcguire/Tumblr; Rebloggy