See the Cover Art for Lea Michele's Debut Single

Lea Michele's been in the news for some pretty tragic stuff this year, but girl's gotta keep keeping on, and she's doing it pretty damn well. On Wednesday, that comes in the form of Lea Michele's new single cover art, alongside an album release date. (See the cover art below.)

The first single is "Cannonball," which at first thought reminds us of Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball." We haven't actually heard any of the song yet and so cannot evaluate just how intentional that was, but from the looks of the cover art to go with it we feel like Michele's going for a more soulful long-walk-on-the-beach type of vibe here. This seems especially true because the song was written by Sia.

The album as a whole will be titled Louder and will be released Dec. 10 — coincidentally the same day as Donald Glover's much different album Because the Internet.

Michele has previously given us glimpses into the cover of the album, as well as into the album's first music video and the fact that two songs dedicated to the late Cory Monteith will be featured — one called "You're Mine," which she says was their song, and one called "If You Say So," which is named after the last words Monteith ever said to her (and which are the same words she recently got a tattoo of).

Ouch, our hearts.