11 Page-Turning Novels Whose Characters You'll Fall In Love With

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Even though I'm a fiction writer, and I spend hours thinking about how literary elements like plots are built (creative writing nerds unite), I still find myself falling in love with characters. I'm so thankful for this: How awful would it be to read a novel and not be also meeting a potential new bestie?

I've loved characters since I was a girl, when books provided me with more stable friendships than the merry-go-round of cliques in my elementary and middle school. Characters are awesome friends: they have stable opinions (even if those opinions change over the course of 300 or 400 pages); they're always there for you; they can hang out whenever; and it's not weird when you bring them to bed.

I'm kidding, but only a little. From the time I met young Tommy, the protagonist of Tomie dePaolo's classic picture book, The Art Lesson , I've loved how sheer assemblages of words (OK, and in dePaolo's case, drawings) can so closely approximate real-life buds.

Maybe the fictional people I've met over the years have led me to become a writer; they've definitely kept me company and taught me about human nature. Here are 11 page-turning novels whose characters you'll never forget.

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