Cara Delevingne Is A Beatboxing Legend

Hey, I have a quick question — is there anything Cara Delevingne can't do? She can model and she can act and she can be best friends with Taylor Swift and appear in her music video for "Bad Blood", and now I'm finding out from this new Tonight Show video that Delevingne can beatbox, too? I was told early on that life isn't fair, but this feels like it's taking that to a whole new level. We initially discovered this hidden talent of Delevingne's from a video posted by Pharrell, showing him, Delevingne, and Justin Timberlake sitting around during a recording session, with Delevingne just casually beatboxing along with them. (Oh, and did I mention? She's also apparently tight enough with Pharrell and JT that it's totes norms for them to spend the day together just laying down some track. She doesn't even look nervous.)

Then we saw it again on The Graham Norton Show , when she seems to have literally hypnotized fellow guest Jake Gyllenhaal with her skills, and, most recently, with Jimmy Fallon, who was similarly dazzled. Because the terrible part is, she's not bad!!! It's not like those Vines where we see Iggy Azalea out of her element, trying to rap live and completely embarrassing herself; Delevingne is completely holding her own, as if this is her full-time gig instead of looking good in clothing for a living.

HOW IS THIS FAIR AND/OR POSSIBLE. I was told beautiful people were only supposed to be good at one thing, so the rest of us still had a fighting chance in the gene pool. But, based on this video from Thursday night's performance, I'm sad to say that... we clearly do not.

Come. On. COME ON. SHE IS LIKE, FULL-ON JAMMING, HOW IS THIS FAIR?? I really can't overstate enough how much this is blowing my mind, and, more importantly, making me wonder what else Delevingne is hiding from us. What other undercover talents does she have squirreled away in those eyebrows, and what's it gonna take to get them out in the open? I've got my eyes on you, Cara Delevingne, you secret beatboxing legend.