Cher's Virtual Wardrobe From 'Clueless' Now Exists, And We Are Like Totally Buggin'

So, OK, like who can honestly say they grew up watching Clueless and weren't totally obsessed over Cher Horowitz's virtual closet? In honor of the 1995 hit film's 20th anniversary, British virtual fit company Metail launched, a website dedicated to everything Clueless fashion and Cher's legendary digital outfit organizer. Oh my God, I'm like totally buggin'.

And who better to create a website that caters to a woman's online shopping needs than a man who understands — and constantly hears about — the struggle? The online body shape and garnment fit website's founder, Tom Adeyoola, developed Metail back in 2008 as a solution to his then-girlfriend, now-wife's dilemma of wanting the convenience of online shopping but the fit accuracy you can find while trying on different pieces in an actual store. A man who not only does not complain about his woman's love for shopping, but takes the time to create a pleasant online shopping experience is a winner, ladies. Major brownie points for Adeyoola.

During an interview with Forbes, Adeyoola explains that Cherwears is "a fun tribute both to a film we all love and to the woman who imagined this technology 20 years ago." So, naturally, I felt it was my duty to give the site a test run and validate for you all whether or not this is the real deal.

If you just cannot decide if Cher, Dion, or Amber's style would fit you best, Metail has designed a "Which '90s Girl Are You?" quiz to help you out. You'll answer a series of questions regarding your popularity status in high school, how you go about getting that special person's attention (like, you know, sending yourself flowers, eating chocolate seductively in homeroom, dropping your pen "by accident" so when he goes to retrieve it he can admire your nice stems), and what your favorite Taylor Swift song is (natch). I have been categorized as a Cher. Duh.

Once you've taken the quiz and have a clear sense of who you were (or would have been) in the '90s, you then select a digital wardrobe to browse through. Each character's closet is comprised of modern pieces inspired by the film from brands like Topshop, BooHoo, and ASOS.

To "try on" each item, you are asked to fill out three measurements: height, weight, and bra size. Note that your weight is not measured in pounds in Europe, but rather in stones. There is also an option to measure in kilograms. Based on this information, Metail develops a "MeModel" avatar, which is basically a digital mannequin, that you are able to dress in the different outfits available in order to get an accurate idea of how the clothing will look on your body before committing to a purchase.

There have been plenty of websites who have tried to duplicate Cher's virtual wardrobe, but Cherwear is the first I've seen that comes anywhere near body measurement accuracy, which is both super exciting and extremely dangerous for my bank account. I highly advise you take full advantage of the opportunity to not only shop all the fabulous Clueless attire to assure your looking like a total Betty, but also to at last experience firsthand the virtual wardrobe genius that is

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