VIDEO: Meg Cabot On How To Act Like A Princess

by Caitlin White

There's no better authority on fictional princess culture than The Princess Diaries ' Meg Cabot. And thankfully she has been busy this year furthering the story of our favorite ordinary-girl-turned-royal Mia Thermopolis. But not only do we get to go back to Genovia for Mia's royal wedding (squeal!) with her June adult book, duh, Royal Wedding , but we get a brand new princess, Mia's long-lost younger sister Olivia Grace Clarisse Harrison in May's From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess . In case we get jealous of all this royal living, Cabot stopped by the Bustle headquarters to give us all a tutorial on how to live like a princess in New York City.

Don't mind if I do.

Cabot takes our beloved young adult Princess Diaries series into the realm of adult fiction with Royal Wedding. Mia is a grown-up college graduate, engaged to her longtime love Michael and living in New York City to run her teen community center, because of course she runs a teen community center. And many of us know that planning a wedding can be headache inducing, but Mia learns that the royal element adds a whole new list of issues.

From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess introduces us to Olivia, and thank goodness because she is spectacularly adorable. The spunky, music-loving princess's illustrated diaries gives us a glimpse into her life as she learns, like Mia, that's she's actually destined for royalty.

While Mia and Olivia got official lessons on living like a princess, unfortunately we do not. That's where Cabot can step in. Cabot gave us at Bustle a New York City road map to live out your royal fantasies. Warning: Once you watch the video, you're going to want to don a sparkly tiara and a tutu and prance around the city.

First of all, Cabot is princess perfect. Second, who is with me to make a day of it? We'll start at the Plaza to visit Eloise, scarf down dozens of macarons, and find our own princes or princesses to kiss at the Central Park Zoo. Hope it's cool if I wear my wedding dress.