All The Snow In Australia Has The Internet Putting Its Apocalypse Pants On — PHOTOS

I don't want to call apocalypse, but right now it's snowing in Queensland, Australia and we don't know why. In fact, no one knows why, but my guess is we're about to have a whole lot of discussions about global warming. It is currently winter in Australia, but winter in Australia to me sounds a lot like winters in California. The temperature is typically around 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius, if there are any Aussies reading this). Again, like in SoCal, people in Queensland usually spend the winter complaining it's freezing while wearing only a light sweater. But that's all changing right now.

It's cold, first of all. Temperatures have dropped to zero, or below zero in many parts of Australia. They're not predicting that this will be Queensland's biggest "most significant" snowfall in 30 years.

Australia's Bureau of Meterology (which I'm sure, by the way, is having some serious anxiety right about now) says the unexpected snowfall is due to a low pressure system that moved cold air mass in off the coast of New South Wales. (Or it could still be global warming. Or some other anomaly that involves big foot and/or the Loch Ness monster coming to Australia.)

I'll let you form your own theories as you take a look at this random, out of the blue Australian snow storm:

Here's the snow covered lake:

Guess today isn't the right day to lay out by the water.

Welcome to Queensland/Narnia:

To help get these Aussies through all the snow, we give them this GIFt:

Be brave, Aussies. Be brave.

Images: Disney; Giphy(1)