13 Songs From The '90s That Will Fit Any Mood Or Situation Without Fail

When it comes to modern music, the '90s marked one of the most fascinating eras. It was a time when hip-hop really broke through the mainstream, grunge made "alternative" the new cool, and bubblegum pop burst took over radio waves at the end of the decade. It was even a time when choreographed boy bands met nu-metal on Total Request Live, and Carson Daly became our sherpa of all things MTV! It's like '90s songs were for everyone — I know I feel lucky to have grown up in the golden age of Mariah Carey, Gwen Stefani, TLC, Spice Girls, En Vogue, and Alanis Morissette. Women rule the pop charts today, and that is in many ways due to the amazing work the women of the '90s produced — so, suffice to say, it was a really great time for music.

The music of the '90s provides the perfect soundtrack for a road trip with your BFF, a mixtape for your new bae, or a reason to wail into the microphone at karaoke. No matter the reason, the music from this decade should always be on rotation in your playlist. Whether you're feeling happy, blue, pissed off, or fired up, there are perfect '90s songs to match the mood. Here are my picks of the best '90s songs to go along with however you're feeling. Now, go get your plaid skirt and your jellies and get ready to do some grooving.

When You Want To Set The Mood


When You Need To Cry Alone In A Bathtub

Just leave me here with my Carlo Rossi, please!

When You Just Need To Dance Tt Out

I am salsa-ing all OVER the place right now

When You Are Getting Pumped Up For A Night Out

Oh, I am FEELIN' the funk.

When You Get Dumped

Sorry I'm covered in snot. Just give me an eternity to feel better because EVERYTHING IS AWFUL.

When You Say "I Love You" For the First Time In A Relationship


When Your Boss Hands You a New Project At 4:55 P.M.

*Grits teeth*

When You're The Only Sober Person At A Party

I want it that way... so, so badly.

When You Feel Like Letting Your Freak Flag Fly

Oh, I creep, and I want to let everyone know about it!

When You Feel Like Screaming Into A Pillow


When You See Your Ex In Public


When Your Coffee Hasn't Kicked In Yet

I'm just being honest here, people.

When You Look in the Mirror and Think, "Damn, I Look Good"

My hands are in the air because I am indeed a true player.

I'm pretty sure there's not enough space on the Internet to describe how many more situations in life pair perfectly with a '90s song, so consider this a head start. Now, go forth, and be your best, butterfly clip-rockin' self.