8 Politicians People Got Tattooed On Their Bodies

Look, people are passionate about their art — understandably so. Particularly if they get it inked into their skin forever. If you're a tattoo fan, you almost certainly have a special love for your body art and will defend it anyone who questions it. That's great. When things can get a little weird, however, is when people combine politics with tattoos.

Politics are another area that agitates, emboldens, and impassions those who care about it. Fans of certain politicians will argue and defend their candidates until something makes them stop (and usually, that something is not an election loss). However, a few brave folks take political allegiances even further than that.

I've seen the non-subtle political tattoo. I'm from the South, so I have caught a glimpse of many American and Confederate flags, bald eagles, and military-inspired tattoos stretched over biceps and calves. Yet, there are a few fanatics who take political tattoos to the next level, preserving their favorite politicians on their skin.

Don't get me wrong; there are a few (a very few) politicians for whom I would build statues or write epic poetry. However, is there anyone who really deserves their face badly drawn across a rib cage? For some people, the answer is a resounding, "Yes."

Here are eight politicians who inspired tattoos in their likeness, for better or for worse. If this trend takes off, 2016 will be a busy year for tattoo artists.

Hillary Clinton

I wonder how Hillary feels about this.

Ronald Reagan

This is actually pretty accurate. I'll bet most of the Republicans in Congress are signing up for it now.

Rand Paul

It's probably a good thing that this person got the letters instead of Paul's face.

Ron Paul

I actually think that Rand should get Ron's tattoo, and vice versa.

Mitt Romney

This guy famously got a face tattoo of Romney's campaign logo.

Barack Obama

This person must be a lot happier than the Romney guy...

George Bush

It's hard to tell because of the blur and sleeve, but I think he's right. Someone did walk into a tattoo parlor and pay money to get this former president tattooed onto her arm.

Donald Trump

Is there a metaphor there about Donald Trump and the spider web? There's gotta be a deeper meaning here.

Images: Getty Images