8 Christina Aguilera GIFs To Use When You Need To Throw Some Major Shade

Fact: Your life just isn't complete without a full set of shady Christina Aguilera GIFs at your disposal. There's one for pretty much any situation! If you ask me, Aguilera is the Queen of Shady Internet Reaction GIFs. Why? Because you can always tell how she really feels about a situation by looking at her face. It's so expressive — and it gives her away every single time. That's what makes the 34-year-old singer so much fun to watch as a coach on NBC's hit reality series, The Voice — you never know what face she's going to make next! It's almost as if she's completely unable to mask her emotions...

Of course, we know "conceal, don't feel" is a dangerous mantra to adopt (thanks, Frozen!), but sometimes, it is helpful to be able to hide your true feelings in order to avoid hurting others. Something tells me Aguilera has unintentionally hurt a lot of people with that gorgeous, shady mug of hers! It is her gift, it is her curse.

The time to begin building your Aguilera GIF collection... is now. They're waaay more versatile than emojis, and, as I said, there's one for just about any situation. Here are 8 deliciously shady Xtina GIFs to get you started:

When Two People Are Fighting On Facebook & It's Starting To Get Good

You want to look away... BUT YOU CAN'T.

When Your Family Members Keep Bringing Up A Stupid Mistake You Made In The Past

Yup, that's a good one. Ya got me.

When You Literally JUST Woke Up & Someone Won't Stop Talking To You

Be quiet. Please, I'm begging you. I just need, like, five minutes of silence. Please.

When Your Friends Are Roasting You & You're Waiting For The Right Moment To STRIKE

Keep laughing! You'll get what's coming to you.

When People Won't Stop Giving You Unsolicited Advice

Yeah, thanks! That's really, super helpful.

When Someone Asks "How Do I Look?" & You Need To Buy Some Time To Think Of A Response

Remember: Honesty is usually the best policy... but not always.

When Someone Keeps Interrupting You & You've Finally Had Enough


When You've Been Waiting A Looong Time To Put A Hater In His/Her Place

Let's go.

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