'Game Of Thrones' Moments That Made You Cry More Than The Time Jon Snow Died

When it comes to what goes down on Game of Thrones from week to week, tearjerker moments aren't necessarily the first thing that comes to mind. Sure, the show is emotional, particularly since characters are getting killed off left and right. However, the regularity with which we lose people on the series almost makes those deaths less affecting, in a way. We barely have time to mourn those we've lost because someone else is dying soon after. The show is basically a revolving door of sadness and violence, that has taught us, if nothing else, not to get too attached to anyone because they'll likely be murdered in cold blood before the season is through. That being said, unless you're a robot (I'm 1/4 robot on my father's side, admittedly), there are bound to have been occasions on which you turned on the water works while watching GoT, right?

While I consider myself a bit of a hardass and haven't cried too much throughout the past five seasons, some GoT moments have been incredibly emotional and even I'm not immune to that. These moments range from watery eye-worthy to full on baby bawl, but either way, they're sure to get your tear ducts working overtime.

Ned Killing Sansa's Dire Wolf, Lady, On Cersei's Orders

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I have an incredible weakness for animals and can't bear to see them hurt in any way, so this one KILLED ME (no pun intended). It proved how heartless Cersei could be, and was just really, really sad to watch.

Arya Turning Away From Ned's Execution

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I wasn't all that sad that Ned was beheaded, to be honest — he was never meant for King's Landing for long, so I expected it. The sad part was Arya watching it all go down, and knowing that it meant she had nothing left in this world.

Ygritte's Death

I loved Ygritte. Did anyone NOT love Ygritte? I'm not really sure why we had to lose her, to be honest, when we got to keep Mance Rayder, who sucks, but whatever. I think my tears were a combination of Ygritte dying and Rose Leslie leaving the show. That woman is a treasure.

Cersei's Walk of Shame

I know this isn't a typical tearjerker moment, but it is if you consider the profundity of the scene and what it meant not just for Cersei, but for women in general. It's absolutely heartbreaking and Lena Headey deserves all the Emmys for her incredible performance.

Daenerys Mourning Khal Drogo's Death

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Why would God be so cruel as to give us Jason Momoa as Khal Drogo for only a few episodes before cruelly snatching him away? Oh yeah, and why did Khal have to die and leave his "sun and stars" behind? It just isn't fair!

Maester Aemon's Final Words

Before Maester Aemon passed away, he deliriously imagined a conversation with his brother Aegon when they were kids, and uttered, "Aeg, I dreamt that I was old" before dying. I mean, come on!

Image: HBO