The Best Eyebrow Tutorial For Round Face Beauties Who Love The Bold Brow Look — VIDEO

At this point, fleekness is just a fact of life. I would even venture to say that never before has a beauty movement been so quickly absorbed into our everyday makeup routines (and selfies) as bold, beautiful brows — and it seems like it's here to stay. Ushered in by youthful beauties like Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins and cemented into pop culture on Instagram, makeup artists, red carpet fixtures, and DIY-ers alike have never looked back. Now, a trusty spoolie brush, a palette of brow powder, or a perfectly sharpened pencil are staples in every makeup aficionado's arsenal.

But, getting your brows perfect (or as close as possible) isn't always easy, especially when you're not using the right techniques for your specific face shape. Copying Kim Kardashian's eyebrows, for example, is great for girls (or guys!) with long, oval faces, but doesn't work at all on rounder faces.

Luckily, Alexandra Thomas of Learning to be Fearless has you covered with step-by-step makeup tips for sculpting the best, natural-looking brows — sans that freshly-Sharpied look. From cleanup to arch-support to using concealer as a highlighting tool (um, genius!), here's how to get flawlessly bold eyebrows.

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Images: Bustle/YouTube