Queen Elizabeth II Doesn't Love Kate Middleton's Shoes, But Here Are 9 Reasons Wedges Are Better Than Heels

When your mother-in-law is a queen, I feel like it's way harder to get away with stuff. And when it was released that Queen Elizabeth II didn't like Kate Middleton's shoes, it was clear why she immediately stopped wearing them. The Duchess of Cambridge has made cork wedges a style staple, but everyone has noticed that they've been a bit absent in her wardrobe, and now we all know why.

In an article for Vanity Fair, the Queen's disdain for the style of shoe was released. "[Queen Elizabeth II] isn't a fan of wedged shoes," the source said. "She really doesn't like them and it's well known among the women in the family." And after seeing Middleton sporting her favorite pair of Stuart Weiztman wedges during her last vacation, they've seemed to have just disappeared. Instead, the mother-of-two has been wearing a more traditional pump, which looks equally as good as the wedge.

As a fellow woman, I totally understand why wedges were Middleton's first choice. I mean, if I had to choose between stilettos and wedges, I would obviously choose wedges. Not only are they the perfect combination between style and comfort, who wants to be running after a little one in six inches of pure pressure? Not me (and obviously not Kate, either).

So even though the Queen would rather that we didn't, here are 9 reasons why wedges are better than heels. Sorry, Queen.

1. They're easier to walk in.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

We all know this one is true.

2. They're better for your feet.

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Whoever said six-inch stilettos were good for your feet, lied (probably because they never wore a heel in their life).

3. They are extremely versatile.

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Like Kate, you can wear wedges with everything, to everything.

4. They won't break off in the subway grate.

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Because that's a thing that can happen with pumps.

5. They won't sink into the gravel/grass/mud/etc.

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This could've been a really sticky situation.

6. You can run/move easier in them.

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This is a must when you have a little kid because they just take off sometimes.

7. There is a smaller chance of tripping.

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Thankfully she has William to help her down the stairs. If it were me, I'd trip no matter what.

8. The pressure of your body is more evenly distributed.

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9. If you wear wedges, you are rebelling against Queen Elizabeth II.

And we all know that's pretty cool.

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