Sports Bras Might Make Your Boobs Saggy, So Swap Out Your Old Ones With These Super Supportive Ones

I feel like the idea of one day having saggy boobs is definitely a relatable fear amongst all cup sizes, and according to Adrienne Lofton, Under Armour's senior vice president of brand marketing, sports bras might make your boobs saggy. Apparently, the elasticity in your sports bras can easily loosen and lose its shape and once that happens, the lack of support can lead to a lot of bounce, which ultimately causes your boobs to slowly sag.

Lofton told Allure, "We’ve done a ton of proprietary and secondary research to really understand [sports bras], and we learned that the elasticity in a bra falls out of shape sooner that I think we all expected. If you're exercising anywhere from three to five times per week, for 45 minutes to an hour each session, then you should be replacing your oldest sports bra every six months." Twice a year doesn't sound so bad...until you realize that you probably have been wearing the same sports bras since your high school and college days. Whoops.

Now, I know the fact that this advice is coming from the senior VP of brand marketing seems like a marketing tactic in itself — especially since Under Armour recently launched their new sports bra campaign — but take it as you like. I mean, it makes sense that if you exercise on the daily and your boobs aren't well supported, the natural momentum and movement of your goods are most likely going to bring them down. Just to stay on the safe side, it can't hurt to replace those old sports bras, right? Plus, there are plenty of cute sports bras out in the market now. Here are three that'll give you support for sure:

1. Victoria's Secret Incredible

The maximum support is great for high-impact workouts.

Incredible By Victoria's Secret Strappy-Back Sports Bra, $52, Victorias Secret

2. Champion's Spot Comfort

The secret of the support is in the wire-free molded cups.

Champion Spot Comfort Full-Support Sports Bra, $29, Hanes

3. Under Armour's High Bra

The high compression gives great support for any intense workout.

Women's Armour High Bra, $55, Under Armour

Image: esymai/Instagram