9 Amazing Early '00s Songs You Forgot About

by Jennifer Still

When it comes to great decades for music, the '90s probably take the cake, if we're going to be honest. There's simply no competing with the incredible pop and rock music that came out of that period, and I'm pretty sure most of us would agree on that. But just after the whole Y2K scare, there were some amazing songs that popped onto the charts and into our hearts that we've probably forgotten about by now. But we really need to not only remember them, but also revisit them, because they're just as good today. And if they're not, they'll at least give you a valuable hit of nostalgia.

Some of these tracks were from one-hit wonders, while others are from artists who went on to do bigger and better things. But either way, these tracks shaped the early aughts, and need to be thrown back on our playlists. They're catchy, they're fun, they likely dominated our middle-school dances, and what else can you ask for from music of the time? After all, listening to each of these songs will probably trigger a very specific memory for you, and take you back to the simpler days of your youth. That can't be a bad thing, right?

Jay Z, "Big Pimpin'"

Jay Z is one of the biggest and best rappers alive, so as an artist, he needs no introduction. But how many of us can say we've listened to "Big Pimpin'" recently, and how ashamed are you that you haven't? It's so good, and so catchy, and I'm dancing in my chair as I write this.

Aaliyah, "Try Again"

Aaliyah is another legendary artist whose music lives on to this day, despite the fact that she was taken from us far too soon. "Try Again" gets lost in the mix sometimes, though, and it deserves every ounce of our attention.

Usher featuring Lil Jon & Ludacris, "Yeah"

Usher is another artist who's still working and making big things happen in the industry, but it's Lil Jon's appearance on this track that's an absolute highlight. All he does is yell "YEAH!" and it works. If that's not genius, I don't know what is.

Chingy, "Right Thurr"

Chingy kinda faded into obscurity not long after this song came out, but it's still so good that it's a shame he couldn't recreate the magic in any other tracks. At least we have "Right Thurr" to listen to time and time again for all eternity.

Mya, "Case of the Ex (Watcha Gonna Do)"

In case you somehow managed to forget, Mya was a late '90s / early '00s queen, and "Case of the Ex" was basically on every middle school breakup mix tape in existence, and for good reason.

Eve featuring Gwen Stefani, "Let Me Blow Ya Mind"

I've been so-so on Gwen Stefani's solo work over the years, but her collaboration with Eve was an absolute dream come true, and I will defend it for the rest of my days (though what I'm defending it against is unknown, since everyone loves this song).

Mis-Teeq, "Scandalous"

You probably don't remember Mis-Teeq, since this was her only hit over here, but she did pretty well in her native UK. At least we got to experience the joy of "Scandalous," which is a gift I will forever be grateful for.

Blu Cantrell, "Hit 'Em Up Style"

This is the anthem. I literally have nothing else to say about this because it's just so good. Listen and love it.

Pink, "There You Go"

Pink has always held a special place in my heart, but before she really came into her own, she released "There You Go", which has that classic Pink sass, but with a youthful innocence that's amazing to look back on. Ugh, love me some Pink.