These Songs Will Speak To Any Leo

Despite a deep and undying love of cats big and small, I used to think astrology must be bogus because I feared I did not have the heart of a Leo. I am a girl born on the cusp, and while I have some crab-like, cancer tendencies, I have learned to embrace my inner lion. The truth is, Leos are misunderstood. People spend so much time obsessing over the part where Leos are supposed to love the spotlight, they forget about all of the other things that make up a Leo: passion, love, dedication, loyalty, and optimism. I am happy to say I have more than a few of those qualities. So, to all my fellow Leos out there: get ready, because our month is just around the corner. Luckily, there's no better way to celebrate than with a Leo playlist full of songs that represent every facet of our fire sign — and I just so happen to have one right here.

The mark of a good Leo song is that it cannot be ignored. Now, that doesn't mean I am going to drop some eardrum-blasting heavy metal on you — the power has to come from within the song, not from how loud it is. My Leo pride has led me to gravitate to songs about strong emotions, whether they be love songs where you can practically hear the singer's heart bleeding, or party anthems that make you want to dance until you drop.

There is no middle ground for the Leo, so get ready to roar along with the ultimate Leo playlist.

"Born This Way" — Lady Gaga

Let me start out by admitting straight up, everything you heard about Leos being prideful is true. There is no room for humility on this train. Like Gaga, a Leo will tell you loud and proud who they are. I know who I am, and I'm not going to apologize for it.

"Wannabe" — Spice Girls

Loyalty is and always will be my ruling emotion. Just as lions run in packs, so do Leos. Ovaries before brovaries, for life.

"Rap For Rejection" — Kate Nash

My most Leo-tastic attribute is definitely my inability to keep my mouth shut when it comes to causes I care about. In "Rap For Rejection," my personal queen, Kate Nash, goes on a tirade against sexism that gets me fired up every single time.

"Take Me To Church" — Hozier

When a Leo loves, they go all in. It's a blessing and a curse, which I think Hozier captures beautifully.

"I'm an Albatraoz" — AronChupa

I am only, like, five percent sure what this song is about, but in my mind it is the ultimate "It's you, not me" song. It may not be the best Leo quality, but if you don't love a Leo, we will respond by sharpening our claws.

"Stronger" — Kanye West

When my pride is wounded, I crank this song all the way up. It honestly boggles my mind that West isn't a Leo, but instead a Cancer — what kind of crazy world is this?

"Ready For The Weekend" — IconaPop

Leos are always down for a party. Enthusiasm is our jam, so it's best to be ready for anything.

"Paper Planes" — M.I.A.

"Paper Planes" encompasses so much of the Leo inner life. It's got lots of bravado, a sense of restlessness, and it tips its hat to the Leo's desire for recognition.

"King and Lionheart" — Of Monsters and Men

Leos aren't defined entirely by their intense qualities. A big part of being a Leo is embracing creativity and the need for self-expression. Just look at the video for "King and Lionheart," it is a creative masterpiece, and so is the beautiful song (which also has a strong theme of devotion). It's a two for one special, basically.

"Dog Days Are Over" — Florence + The Machine

I am an optimist at heart and that just so happens to be one of the defining qualities of a Leo. There is no song more hopeful and forward-thinking than "Dog Days Are Over."

"Happy" — Pharrell Williams

Bring us home, Pharrell! All Leos are sweet, summer children and "Happy" is the anthem of my relentlessly peppy soul. Deal with it, or don't — after all, the sun orbits around Leos, so I probably won't notice if you don't.

Now, turn that stereo up and get ready to go about your day as your absolute best Leo self.