How Do I Know When I've Found My G-Spot?

Unlike the clitoris, the G-spot seems like an elusive piece of the vagina. Because we can’t see it and some women and their partners struggle to find it, the existence of it has been questioned throughout history. But the truth is the G-spot does exist. Also known as the "Gräfenberg spot" after the gynecologist who discovered it, you just need to practice figuring out exactly where it is and how to use it. Even if you’ve never experienced a vaginal orgasm thanks to your G-spot, it’s in there. Trust me.

A quick Google search of the G-spot will bring up just as many men's sites as women’s sites instructing men on how to find it. The G-spot has become synonymous with uncovering some sort of special prize, because locating it and stimulating it is like hitting the jackpot. When it's touched exactly right it not only produces pleasure of extreme intensity, but is also thought to be the button, so to speak, that releases female ejaculation.

The G-spot is a bundle of nerves located about one to three inches into your vagina along the inner wall, the wall toward your stomach not your back. It’s in between your pubic bone and the front of your cervix, and is thought to be part of the female prostate. When you do touch it, you can’t be mistaken; you’ll definitely feel something going on down there. But because it’s easier said than done, let’s take you step by step.

Here’s how to tell whether or not you’ve found your G-spot.

1. You’ve Located The Inside Of Your Vaginal Wall

First step is to insert your fingers (or your partner’s fingers) into your vagina. You want to touch the inside of your vaginal wall about two inches into the vaginal cavity. Think about it like you’re trying to massage the inside of your belly button and do so in a “come hither” motion with your fingertip.

You will find that amongst the soft tissue will be a “rough patch.” According to sexuality educator and author, Yvonne K. Fulbright, the patch will be “as small as your pinky fingernail or as large as a half-dollar.”

2. You Can Feel A ‘Bean’ Shape

If you’re adequately turned on, your entire vaginal area will be engorged in blood. This makes for finding your G-spot much easier, because among that rough patch you’ll be able to feel a bean shaped bundle of nerves. You’ll know you’ve found at least something down there when you just don’t want to stop playing with it.

3. You Realize Touching It Feels Really Good

According to sexual experts, the best way to work the G-spot is to tap it, as if pushing a button. While circular motions help, too, applying pressure, which will be different for every women, will really stimulate the G-spot and have you saying, “OMG,” over and over again.

4. You Feel A Warm And Cozy Sensation

Although the pleasure that comes from touching your G-spot is different for every woman, just as is the case with touching the clitoris, according to Dr. Fulbright, many women experience a “warm, flushing feeling throughout their genitals and body.” Either way, you know you’ve found your G-spot when you’re feeling sensations from touching that inner wall of the vagina.

5. You Experience A More Intense Orgasm

Fact: Not every woman is going to orgasm from her G-spot. So, if you don’t have an orgasm after stimulating the area, there’s NOTHING wrong with you. Most women, a whopping 75 percent, need clitoral stimulation to orgasm, so if you can make yourself come via your G-spot then consider yourself very lucky. It’s also not likely you’re going to have mind-blowing orgasms during your first experience stimulating it, because, as it is with everything, it takes practice. You’re going to have to experiment with pressure, stimulation techniques, and angles to see which method is best for you.

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