Fans Hoped Paul Walker Death Was a Hoax

Thanksgiving turned tragic for Hollywood this year. The star of The Fast and The Furious, Paul Walker, reportedly passed away at 40 years old following a fatal car crash. According to TMZ, the driver of a car the actor was riding in slammed into a post or a tree, causing the vehicle to burst into flames. (Walker's official Twitter and Facebook page confirmed the news Saturday.)

The news of Walker's death is particularly strange, considering the actor's history with cars. Walker, who first broke out in 1999's Varsity Blues, went on to star in the Fast and the Furious franchise, and planned to appear in more movies in the future — at the time of his reported death, Walker was filming Fast & Furious 7 with Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson, and fellow franchise mainstay Vin Diesel. And it's all too sad now to read an August interview with U.K.'s GQ, in which Walker answered a question about what he hopes to accomplish before he dies. "I think people tell you you are a certain thing and so you miss out on a lot you would have otherwise experienced," he told the magazine. "Inside I still feel certain things calling me."

So far, details are sketchy regarding Walker's car crash, but, still, famous fans and friends have taken to Twitter to mourn Walker, with some wondering whether we've fallen victim to an Internet hoax. If only they were right.