Lizard Follows Her Bliss Popping Bubbles

There's definitely something about bubbles floating through the air that makes you want to pop them. It's a blissful and compelling indulgence, even for an adult. And lizards too, apparently. This particular lizard popping bubbles is named Laura, and she has found chameleon nirvana. Sitting perched upon her owner's hand, she stands on her hind legs and swipes at the bubbles like a giddy child at the playground. I never thought I'd say this about a lizard, but Laura is downright adorable, and if her penchant for bubble popping doesn't warm your cockles or at least make you smile, then you might have to go to the doctor because it sounds as though you might be dead inside.

If you need something to distract you from the heat this morning, watching this video on loop is mesmerizing. Let Laura's bliss be your happy place too. Because it turns out, the one thing more calming than playing with bubbles, is watching a lizard play with bubbles. And it's not just lizards. All types of animals seem to be hardwired with a joy for bubble popping. We have evolution, different species, etc. but a love for popping bubbles seems to be a universal, across the board affliction. Watch Laura go crazy:

Meanwhile, here are six other animals who also appear obsessed with bubble popping:

1. This dog who is nuts for bubbles

2. This kitten who is going to get every single bubble

3. This baby monkey who just wants to know what the hell is happening right now

4. All these dogs who just want to get the bubbles

5. This dog and human baby who are literally having the best time ever

6. These gorillas who would happily bubble forever

Summer doesn't last forever. Go follow your bubble bliss, everyone.