5 Times Junk Food Answered Life's Problems

Between breakups, fights with your friends, stress at work, and your mom being a royal pain, life can be, well, a little hard. That's why National Junk Food Day is a thing — because sometimes the only answer to life's problems is a big old greasy bag of chips, and that is something worth celebrating.

Science is on the fence about comfort food. Some researchers think it may help with your mood, while others say that's basically B.S. I, however, fall in the first camp. Imagine a bad day. Now imagine gooey, melty macaroni and cheese. If you're not instantly comforted by that thought, I don't even know if there's a solution to your problem.

Granted, there are some people in this world who actually prefer to dig in to kale and romaine juice during bad days, and that's totally fine too. But for people who like cheesy, fried, and sugar-laden junk food after a rough day, this holiday is for you.

I'm not saying that every single bad day is an excuse to binge on junk food, but once in a while it's totally fine and completely necessary to ~*treat yo self*~. Whether you're a stress-induced ice cream lover or a hard day pizza fanatic, here are five occasions when junk food will always be the answer to your problems.

1. After a bad breakup

Your significant other may break your heart, but Chinese takeout never will. General Tso is the only man you need, girl. <3

2. When you're having a hard day

That stressful day at work has you feeling like you can't even, and there's only one thing on this planet that will cheer you up — pizza. Go ahead and eat the entire box. We've all been there before.

3. When you're feeling incapable or inadequate

Bombed your big test at school? Didn't get that job you applied for? Fact: you can't be sad while eating ice cream.

4. When you're fighting with your bestie

Friend fights happen, but the only real way to solve them is by inviting your feuding friend over and sorting out your differences over burritos, am I right? It's impossible to be mad at anyone when you're body is processing unlimited amounts of beans, rice, and cheese. You two will be hugging it out in no time.

5. When you're dealing with family drama

Melt away that tension by melting some cheese on your fries, nachos... or both. Go big or go home, you know?

Looking for another delicious way to celebrate National Junk Food Day? Check out our video that shows you how to make your own DIY cookie butter (and visit Bustle on YouTube for more great ideas).

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