Infographic of Book-Themed Desserts Proves That Book-Lovers Should Really Be Giving In To Our Sweet Tooths While We Read

I've always heard that tea is the proper complement to a good book, but it turns out I have been mislead this whole time. As a new infographic from proves books are actually best paired with dessert. It's an answer so obvious I don't know how I never saw it before — after all, isn't everything better with dessert? And so what could be better than eating dessert while reading a good book? The answer is nothing, that's what.

Imagine: munching on a plate full of chocolate chip cookies while curled in an arm chair reading a cozy adventure story. Biting into a scone while sitting in a coffee shop diving into some snappy work of British lit. Chewing on forkfuls of leftover cake in your kitchen at 4 a.m. because you have a page turner is just too good to put down. Yes, desserts are the best thing to go with books, hands down.

But in order to reach peek dessert/book levels, it makes sense that the dessert you're munching on should be in some way book-related — perhaps even related to the very book you're currently reading. But how can you achieve such perfection? Well, fortunately, is here to help you out with a new infographic of 20 desserts inspired by novels.

Some of the choices are obvious, like butter beer from the Harry Potter books or Turkish Delight, which was a major plot point in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe . Some are more subtle, like the blink-and-you'll-miss-it reference to ice cream and apple pie in On the Road . But fortunately you don't have to search the pages of your favorite novels in order to find references to dessert, because has done it for you. Enjoy!