8 Harry Potter Halloween Recipes So You Can Eat Like You're At Hogwarts

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All of my problems can be traced back to my 11th birthday, when my parents left a wax-sealed Hogwarts acceptance letter in my mailbox. For half a second, I thought that Harry Potte r was real, and of course I was a wizard. In that moment, I decided exactly what I would pack (one pair of sneakers, my journal, maybe some dresses), and thought of all I would do once I got to Diagon Alley (buy candy, get an owl, maybe start an account at Gringotts Wizarding Bank). Then I found out it was all a joke and, well, devastation ensued.

I know I am not alone in wishing Hogwarts was real. Who wouldn't want to study magic at a beautiful boarding school in Scotland with like-minded magical peers and genius professors? Who wouldn't want to spend Christmas in that beautiful castle? Who wouldn't want to be on a real Quidditch team? But most importantly, who wouldn't want to eat that delicious food that materialized in the Great Hall? Only a mad man would say no.

Sorry, Muggles. You may not be headed to the world's most famous school of witchcraft and wizardry for this year's start-of-term feast, but there are a few ways to bring that magic home... to your dinner table, at least. Here are eight Hogwarts-worthy recipes so you can eat just like Harry Potter.

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