25 Junk Food "Would You Rathers" To Ask Everyone

Today, good people of the internet, is National Junk Food Day, and if you're not on board with celebrating that holiday then you're honestly doing your Tuesday wrong. We've got recipes galore, and I would recommend you try any and ALL of them. To get in the spirit, I suggest these junk food hacks and these vitally necessary Oreo hacks. I've put the tips in both articles to the test and stand by all of them. (I also can't recommend brownies with Oreos baked into them enough.) And if there's one more endorsement I can give to you on this special day in history, it's that if you see a movie tonight you should absolutely be pouring peanut M&Ms on your movie theatre popcorn like the true champion we both know you can be.

In honor of National Junk Food Day, I decided to come up with some hard-hitting junk food questions that would expose anyone's true colors. If you're starting to date someone or scoping out a BFF and need to really know if they're worth it, let me present to you a little idea: What better way to find out if you're compatible than with a healthy game of junk food based "Would you rather" questions? It's really time you put them to the test.

(NOTE: You do not need a possible date, or a significant other to participate in this nonsensical game. Ask your co-workers, best friends, or even your mother these questions. Or just answer them yourself, which is what I just did.)

Here are 25 junk food based "Would You Rathers" that will totally ruin you emotionally:

1. Would you rather have Cheetos or Fritos?

2. Would you rather have a granola bar or a candy bar?

3. Would you rather have Triscuits or water crackers?

4. Would you rather give up sugar for life or give up salt for life?

5. Would you rather only eat blue tortilla chips or yellow tortilla chips?

6. Would you rather be eating chocolate based sweets or fruity candies/gummies right this very second?

7. Would you rather have ice cream or fro yo?

8. Would you rather have Lays or Ruffles?

9. Would you rather have donuts or a sugary cereal?

10. Would you rather have cheddar popcorn or popcorn with movie theatre butter?

11. Would you rather give up baked goods forever or give up ice cream forever?

12. Would you rather have Cheez-Its or Goldfish?

13. Would you rather bake brownies or make rice crispy treats?

14. Would you rather have classic pretzels or honey braided twists?

15. Would you rather have veggie sticks or kale chips?

16. Would you rather have kale chips or literally anything else?

17. As a 5-year-old, would you rather have had your parents buy you Cookie Crisps or Reese's Puffs?

18. Would you rather have an ice cream sandwich or a Snickers ice cream bar?

19. Would you rather see cheese puffs make a come back or eat Pirate Booty for the rest of your days?

20. Would you rather buy a snack at Trader Joe's or at CVS?

21. Would you rather eat a graham cracker with Nutella or a graham cracker with peanut butter?

22. Would you rather burn your marshmallow while roasting it, or wait until it's golden brown?

23. Would you rather have an organic fruit bar or a fruit roll up from your childhood?

24. Would you rather live off Chips Ahoy or Oreos?

25. Would you rather melt cheese on tortilla chips or have sliced cheese on crackers?

Sorry not sorry for anyone who just #wrecked friendships/major relationships/their sense of self forever. The truth was going to come out eventually. Thanks to me, you can pick up the pieces of your life and get back to some semblance of normalcy even sooner.


Images: Fotolia; CBS, Giphy(5)