There Are Officially 'Team Spoby' Shirts For Sale

Attention all Pretty Little Liars and Spoby fans! Troian Bellisario and Keegan Allen's 'Team Spoby' tees are available for purchase once again — this time for 10 days only! According to an adorable Instagram photo of Bellisario cozying up to Allen on what looks to be the set of Hannah Marin's staircase, a whopping 10,000 Spoby merch has already been sold, so you don't want to waste time. Don't lie; you know you want one, and I am almost positive so will your best friend, parental units, and your significant other who claims they are "forced" to watch the show ever Tuesday, but secretly searches PLL theories on Reddit while bored at work.

If you're not on top of your Pretty Little Liar 'ships, allow me to clarify. Spoby = Spencer +Toby. Also known as the best couple in Pretty Little Liars history. At least in my opinion. OK, sure, Toby's a little too busy playing Rosewood police officer to pay attention to Spencer right now and she's been known to have loose lips that time or two there was trouble in paradise. However, when everything is said and done, they are both super attractive, probably too intelligent for their own good, and share a caffeine addiction. #RelationshipGoals.

Not only will you be showing your support for the fictional couple by making this purchase, but a portion of all unisex tees, tanks, and crew neck sweatshirts will go towards Race to Erase MS, a charity that focuses on the treatment and care for those suffering with Multiple Sclerosis.

Troian Bellisario and Keegan Allen Official SPOBY Tee, $24.99,

So while you're hopping on the Spoby bandwagon, check out some additional Spoby memorabilia you're bound to want added to your collection.

1. Spoby Button

Because you'll definitely want to accessorize with your awesome new Spoby tee.

PLL Spoby Mini Button, $2.99,

2. Spoby Themed Charm Necklace

Toby's truck. Spencer's bed... or chair? And a heart to show their in love. BOOM. Spoby<3

PLL Themed Charm Necklace - Spoby (Spencer/Toby), $15.00,

3. Spoby Throw Pillows

I know what I'll be decorating my apartment with.

Spoby Throw Pillows, $19.84 each,

#TeamSpoby #4life

Images: sleepinthegardn/Instagram; Courtesy Brands (4)