'Girls' Season 3 Poster Hints at Same Ol' Problems for Hannah and Friends

The last time we saw Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna, they each had their own problems and triumphs to celebrate and mourn at the end of Season 2. Now, there's a new poster for Girls season 3, and it appears not a lot has changed. The four ladies and two men (Adam and Ray) appear disheveled and well-dressed in a scene that likely depicts the morning after a night out on the town. The ladies are adorned in multicolored ball gowns and the two mens appear in undone suits, staring apathetically off in separate directions. "Happily Whatever After" appears at the bottom of the image.

When we left off in Season 2, Hannah had just reunited with on-again-off-again-on-again boyfriend Adam (who had recently defiled his girlfriend's dignity with that oh-so memorable and degrading sex scene). Hannah is still struggling with severe OCD, a condition that sent her to the hospital for sticking a Q-tip too far up her ear, and a problem that was likely prompted by the stress of having to write a memoir/novel about her sexcapades under tight deadline.

Marnie appears to be in a good place, having reunited with Charlie, her ex-boyfriend and possible soul mate. Charlie now owns his own company after starting a cell phone app that makes users pay a fee when attempting to phone their ex-flames (an idea prompted with his breakup from Marnie). After confessing her love for him, the two are back together. Although because Charlie doesn't appear in the Season 3 poster along with the other significant others, we wonder how long their rekindled romance will actually last.

Shoshanna called it quits with Ray, the new manager of his own coffee shop, after hooking up with a lobby boy, and has since become a little bit slutty. Jessa is off traveling the world, ignorning Hannah's sobbing voicemails, and being her usual MIA self. Along with Hannah, the pair appear equally as put-out in the poster, while Marnie and Shoshanna laugh gleefully at their New York City lives.

Will Adam stop being a disrespectful alcoholic? Will Hannah overcome her OCD? Will Ray and Shoshanna reunite, and will she tell him the truth about the lobby boy? What about Marnie and her dependence on Charlie? SO MANY QUESTIONS! Girls premieres Jan. 12 on HBO.

Image: HBO