15 Fun Things People Forget To Take To College

In our haste to give you everything you need to know about college (from freshman year to senior, and all the sh*t that could happen in between), we get a little caught up in the serious stuff. What to do when you have roommate issues, financial struggles, or how to deal with people who only want to hook up when you want a relationship. Things of that nature. Obviously, that's all important and we're generally fortunate to live a ~digital world~ that Zenon always promised us was possible and can dispense all this good ol' college intel to the classes that come after us. But beyond how to buy cheap books, and reminders of what you'll need to bring to your first class of sophomore year, you need to have a positive experience.

And you need to be well-equipped with more necessities than flip flops for the joint showers and a caddy to hold your shampoo. You need to show up with some fun (low clutter) stuff too. And while it may seem like a beer funnel is universally appealing, I mean fun for just you. Things (both tangible and not) that you can keep around to bring a happy element to each of your college days.

Here are 15 fun things that no one tells you to bring to college, but that you totally should anyway:

1. Decorations

Posters, tea lights, Christmas lights, pictures that remind you of home. In your haste to grab all the dorm necessities, don't forget the parts that will make your room or apartment homey.

2. Something that smells reallllly good.

FEBREZE. Or a diffuser that you put scented oils in (I recommend peppermint or lavender). Anything to eliminate the stench your room will inevitably pick up.

3. Candles

I know, I know, dorms don't allow fire and there are codes and so on. But like, great for ambiance and relaxation.

4. Tarot cards, poker chips, Clue, or other fun games

The ability to host your own poker game is a coveted thing in a dorm.

5. Husband pillows

Those things that are huge and take up too much of your bed but are so nice to recline on. Very much worth the investment.

6. Shot glasses

Okay, people WILL tell you to bring these. But they're right. You should have a shot glass on hand.

7. Fancy wine glasses

For when the gross warm beer gets to you, and you want to feel ~classy~.

8. Your old Halloween costumes

There's always that one person who brings Halloween costumes when everyone else forgets. I love that person. Be that person.

9. A junk food stash

10. An alarm clock that rolls out of your reach when you try to snooze it

It exists. Buy it here.

11. A shoe hanger

I can't even explain to you how much this will save your closet space issue.

12. A loofah

It will be the height of your shower experience.

13. An eraser board for outside your door

How else will the cute kid down the hall leave you a note?

14. Wall decals to make your room more Instagrammable

It will take your Insta game up so many notches, which is a college challenge these days.

15. A candy dish to set out

So people will understand that you're a great person.

Images: Pixabay, Giphy(10)