"10 Roommate Problems That Drive You Crazy" Speaks To Every Single One of Us

Ugh roommates, amrite? Those ceaseless fonts of strife have earned themselves a BuzzFeed video that will surely strike a chord of your deepest resentment: “10 Roommate Problems That Drive You Crazy.” Because you, unless born as a fully functioning adult, have had to live with at least one other person during your lifetime. That person has inevitably done at least one thing that drives you mad, and that thing is probably in this video.

Roommates are masters in the following: showering for 30 minutes on days when you happen to be running late; refusing to take out the trash following a dinner party hosting a gaggle of his or her acquaintances, exclusively; unwashed dishes in the sink, y'all. Or maybe you’re a student? TV, vacuum cleaners, noise-in-general is no problem for a roommate who cares very little about your study time. Perhaps you have a roommate who’s turned your apartment into their extended storage unit, piling unopened mail and single, forgotten sandals in every open corner of your shared living space. Fear not, reader, you're not alone. Feel free to pass the video along (or post it on your Facebook), because nothing says “roommates” quite like passive aggression.

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Btw, here's some helpful advice about being a tolerable human being.

Image: Africa Studio/Fotolia