Bustle's New Sex And Relationship Podcast Is Here!

Welcome to "I Want It That Way," Bustle's brand-new sex and relationships podcast. Are you desperate for deep discussions about the way the media covers issues relating to women and sexuality? Do you want to learn more about the sex news the impacts your life? Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night wondering, "What is love (baby, don't hurt me/ don't hurt me/ no more)?" Do you want to hear three Bustle editors weigh the pros and cons of having sex with a stranger in an unairconditioned apartment in the middle of the summer? Then you're in the right place, hot stuff.

Each week, Lifestyle editor Kathryn Kattalia and associate video editor Emily Claire —along with Features editor Rachel Krantz and associate Lifestyle editor Gabrielle Moss — will weigh in on the week's most pressing sex and dating-related news stories, interview awesome people who spend their time writing, talking or thinking about sex, and play the occasional game of Never Have I Ever along the way.

In our first installment, we'll be discussing summer loving: is it real? Or are all times of the year equally horny? What is it about a summer fling that seems inherently disposable? And at what point in a long-term relationship do you stop being self-conscious about your summer vag sweat? Did Sandy's leather pants at the end of Grease actually solve any real problems?

You can check out future episodes of “I Want It That Way” on Bustle’s SoundCloud page. Special thanks to producer Noel Howard for putting this together.

Image: Cora Foxx/ Bustle