What's Happening To Kira's Power On 'Teen Wolf'?

Welp, this is it. This is the season of MTV's Teen Wolf that does me in for good. On Monday night's episode of the dark, crazy, amazing series, we saw some truly terrifying things. Stiles killed Donovan and his body was taken away by Parrish (who doesn't seem to know what he's doing... I hope!), Lydia and Stiles discovered the author of the Dread Doctors book (It's Dr. Valack) and we saw the Dread Doctors make their way into Eichen House and steal Dr. Valack's third eye. And those are just the start of what is sure to be more insane, bloody and horrifying things to come. But what is really starting to worry, possibly even more than Stiles' mental state at the moment, is what is happening with Kira's power. Kira lost control of her kitsune abilities at Eichen House and lowered the electromagnetic barrier at the mental institution, a move that the Dread Doctors were counting on so they could enter Eichen House and ruin everything.

This isn't the first time that Kira has had some issues with her powers. In last Monday's episode "Condition Terminal," we saw Kira spout out some phrase in Japanese and almost kill Lucas while trying to defend her friends. The move came as a huge shock to Kira, Scott and his pack, and it could signal even more danger to come.

The Teen Wolf cast and crew weren't lying when many of them said that Season 5 is quite possibly the darkest season yet, because honestly I'm worried about every single person in Scott's pack, especially Kira. What could be happening to her?

I have to believe that whatever is going on with Kira has to do with the Dread Doctors, what else could be happening? Perhaps their emergence in Beacon Hills and the experiments they are doing is affecting the electromagnetic impulses in the town, and that is messing with Kira's power.

Or there is another option. Now that we know what the Dread Doctors book is all about, what if after Kira reads it, she discovers that the Dread Doctors did something to her and she forgot as many other victims have in the past. Whatever the Dread Doctors did to her is now affecting her in negative, dangerous ways. I really do believe that if she doesn't try to summon the strength to take control of whatever is going on, she will hurt someone close to her. She has already hurt Scott when he carried her out of Eichen House. Maybe next time she accidentally hurts someone who can't heal as quickly as a True Alpha.

Images: Screenshot/MTV; teenwolf/Tumblr