7 People You Forgot Were In ‘Caddyshack’

In 1980 Harold Ramis released a quirky golf comedy and little did he know that it would one day become a cult classic. Today we celebrate 35 years with Caddyshack. Although Harold Ramis is no longer with us, his legacy has lived on within films like Caddyshack (and of course, Ghostbusters). In honor of the film's anniversary we are looking back on everyone who made the film great. Plus, it's probably been awhile since you sat down to watch Caddyshack, so you may have forgotten who stars in the movie — there are definitely people you will recognize.

For those few people who haven't had the pleasure of watching the film, I'm going to tell you the very short version of what the movie is about. Basically all you need to know is Danny Noonan works as a Caddy at an upscale country club so he can raise money for college. He starts being a caddy for Judge Smails — who has a lot of power in the club — so he has a better shot at winning the Caddy Scholarship. Also, let's not forget about the gopher that's terrorizing the golf course. Carl Spackler spends pretty much the whole movie trying to kill the dancing gopher and it's wonderful.

Bill Murray

I'm sure it's hard to forget the best character in the entire movie. To this day, Bill Murray is literally my favorite person in the world. He starred in St. Vincent last year and was recently spotted at Comic-Con in San Diego telling the entire world that Miley Cyrus is awesome. His new movie Rock the Kasbah is coming out this year and he starred in Ghostbusters. Bill Murray is flawless.

Chevy Chase

Alright Chevy Chase was an attractive man, you guys. Before the Vacation movies Chevy Chase was out on the golf course playing Ty Webb, the son of the country club’s founder. Let me tell you, Chevy Chase had moves. Since then he’s obviously been around in movies like Hot Tub Time Machine and playing Pierce Hawthorne on Community. This year he will be back as Clark Griswold and no one is mad about it.

Michael O’Keefe

Maybe you don’t recognize Michael O’Keefe’s name, but you definitely recognize his face. Back in 1980 when O’Keefe was 25 years old, he took on the lead role as Danny Noonan, the struggling student. In 2014 he was busy playing John Redmond in Homeland. He’s had random spots on shows like Brothers & Sisters, The Closer, House M.D. and Law & Order: SVU.” Plus he was in Michael Clayton with George Clooney and my personal favorite, The Hot Chick, when Rachel McAdams turns into Rob Schneider.

Ted Knight

Also known as Ted Baxter from the Mary Tyler Moore Show, Ted Knight played Judge Smails, one of the co-founders of the country club. Caddyshack was the last movie Knight made. He passed away in 1986.

Rodney Dangerfield

“I don’t get no respect!” Rodney Dangerfield was perfect for playing the annoying Al Czervik, Judge Smails’ rival, kind of. He was pretty obnoxious the whole movie, but we still love Rodney. He went on to play Thornton Melon in Back To School, and was known for his standup acts. Sadly, Dangerfield passed away in 2004.

Cindy Morgan

Cindy Morgan played Judge Smails’ beautiful niece in the flick, and Danny’s crush. She went on to do TRON in 1982 and played Gabrielle Short in Falcon Crest.

Brian Doyle-Murray

Bill Murray’s older brother Brian Doyle-Murray also had the role of Lou Loomis. He was also one of the writers of the movie. He went on to be an SNL cast member and starred in most of the same movies as Bill and Chevy Chase. More recently, you can see him in The Middle and Sullivan & Son.

Images: Caddyshack/Screenshot (4)