Bill Murray Sang Karaoke, a 45-minute Set at 'Caddyshack' Restaruant, & It Was Beautiful

Every other day it feels as if my news feed blows up with “Bill Murray casually hangs out with strangers at bar” or “Bill Murray wears PBR pants to a golf game,” and every time I click on a link, it’s like Pandora’s box because I get sucked in for hours. Quite simply, Murray is that actor that we all wish we had the pleasure of knowing and would love to just talk to him about how awesome he is. Seriously, what kind of bars do I need to be going to in order to meet this guy? Recently, Murray took the opportunity to visit his Murray Bros. Caddyshack Restaurant in Florida where he was so kind as to provide the audience with a 45-minute Bill Murray karaoke set.

Murray, who grabbed hold of a tambourine for this purpose (because why not?!), took to the stage to sing numerous songs (in normal pants this time) where some of his fans were able to catch The Monuments Men star in his best moments. Well, every moment really seems like his best moment. Murray proved he could sing well amidst a bar full of people who were probably peeing their pants over having Murray sing to them, choosing The Animal’s classic, House of the Rising Sun. There was even some momentary head banging that put Taylor Swift to shame.

He pretty much has shown us once again that he’s that cute hippy grandpa that you’d find running around with his underwear during a family reunion, and that’s okay, because it’s Murray. Though not his first time to grace a Karaoke bar — even those that aren’t his own — I can imagine that will certainly not be his last time at one either. Hey, Murray, we have one at my school.