Tollbooth Worker Fired For Paying Someone's Toll, And The Internet Will Not Stand For These Shenanigans — VIDEO

Who would have thought that a random act of kindness would be the reason someone would get fired? That's exactly what happened when a tollbooth worker paid a driver's toll. Sam Samsonov, who has worked for Gasparilla Island Bridge Authority in Florida for 30 years, attempted to make up a $5.50 discrepancy from his own pocket after realizing he undercharged a driver. His honest, helpful act was caught on security camera, and he was asked to either work fewer shifts, or resign. Which seems like a weird way to treat someone who was only trying to do the right thing.

Samsonov's daughter, Patricia Samsonov Gillis, took to Facebook to make the following annoucement:

I can't really figure out exactly what Samsonov did wrong. The tolls were being paid, he wasn't stealing... So what? It just seems like a nice old man was doing something nice when he found he had messed up. Meanwhile, the Internet seems to be in agreement, with reactions varying from incredulous to furious. Here are some of the Internet's reactions:

1. There are online petitions to have Sam reinstated

2. A Go Fund Me to assist Sam in retirement

3. Proclamations about Sam's character

4. A Facebook support community

5. And even an Indie Go Go to give Sam a vacation

Watch Sam's story below:

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