'Once Upon A Time' Saves Henry's Body But It's Not Actually Him In There And That's Disturbing

ABC's Once Upon A Time played Freaky Friday with Henry and Peter Pan. Yep. After a two-week hiatus, the show was back in full swing following its dramatic reveal that Pan is actually Rumpelstiltskin's father, performing a disturbing body-swap. The episode, aptly titled and featuring the hashtag "Save Henry," was all about exactly what the name implies: saving Henry. As usual, OUAT's characters can only succeed for so long before evil steps in. And, this week, evil came in the form of the truly horrifying Pan, who steps in and screws up all of their hard work. Two weeks ago, little Henry got his heart ripped out so his great-grandpa could live forever, and, this week, that very same great-grandpa trapped Henry trapped in Pandora's Box. This kid just can't catch a break.

Sunday night's episode also featured an interesting backstory for Regina, the Evil Queen, delving into her decision to adopt. It turns out that evil and the price of magic can make one pretty damn lonely, and so, for probably one of the most selfish reasons in this realm and the next, Regina decided to use her magical pull with Rumpel to secure a child. Because she definitely didn't torment Snow White/Mary Margaret enough — she needed a new child to harass. I might be being a little harsh, since Regina did actually do the best she could with the whiney Henry. She actually is a pretty good, loving mother.

Henry's two moms and grandma Snow manage to steal his heart back from Pan (with surprising ease) and save him from eminent death. Yay! Ten points for moms! Regina even uses her powers for good to put a spell on Henry so no one can ever steal (literally) his heart again. I guess that spell didn't extend to his actual person though — with even more surprising ease, Pan (who was supposed to be incredibly weak) managed to swap bodies with Henry right as his body was getting sucked into Pandora's Box by his son. Watching Henry be essentially possessed by his great-grandfather is almost as disturbing as the big reveal that Pan was Rumpel's father. Here's why:

Pan Is A Psycho

Seriously, this man/child/who knows what is truly disturbed. So there's no doubt he's going to do creepy things as Henry that will probably give viewers recurring nightmares. A sociopath is now on the loose with the most inconspicuous cover ever. Like I said, disturbing.

Pan Won't Be Able To Whine Like Henry

Whining is Henry's most important quality. Well, that and getting caught in whatever crossfire is happening in the night's episode. Somehow, I feel like Pan's sociopathic, aloof behavior won't cross over well into Henry's territory. Hopefully someone realizes that the lack of whining is indicative that there's something fishy going on.

Body-Swapping Is Creepy

Freaky Friday, as great as it was, gave me nightmares. Waking up in someone else's body is no joke, especially when the person you're switching with is your demon great-grandpa. Watching a cute kid do vindictive, calculated, and violent things because he's being possessed by a family member just sounds like a horror movie waiting to happen.

Just like we waited for weeks to finally be rid of Neverland, we'll now have to see how long it'll take Henry's family and friends to realize that he's not actually Henry. (Even though the preview for next week's episode looks like they'll catch on fast enough.) I feel bad for Henry, even though getting in the way has become his M.O. — life's not dealing that kid any easy cards.

Image: ABC