"Bad Blood" Better Sweep the VMAs

Imma let you finish, but Taylor Swift has one of the best music videos of ALL. TIME. And if you ask me, she better sweep the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards hard next month. After dropping her landmark pop album 1989 last October, T. Swift has single-handedly dominated the music scene, rolling out hit single after hit single, with epic music videos to match. And each one was better than the next, as Taylor kept raising the bar on both the narratives and the production values — from the pure fun of "Shake It Off" to the awesome revenge fantasy that was "Blank Space" — culminating in what is undoubtedly her best video, "Bad Blood." While you may not think it's the best song on the album (I know I'm not alone in my special love of "Blank Space") it does perfectly embody the Year of Swiftmania, featuring her Insta-famous girl gang, who each play clever, funny, and kick-ass female characters.

In "Bad Blood," T. Swift militarizes her girl gang, and introduces us to their fearless alter egos like Mother Chucker (Cara Delevigne), Slay-Z (Gigi Hadid), Cut-Throat (Zendaya), and Justice and Luna (played by the random, but always welcome Mariska Harigtay and Ellen Pompeo). The video itself is so well-produced, with its powerfully sexy costumes and futuristic sets, that it successfully gets us lost in a whole new world in just barely four minutes. But "Bad Blood" isn't just Swift's most elaborate video — it's also the smartest, paying homage to many feature films of the past. As Sharan Shetty over at Slate pointed out earlier this year, "Besides the video’s Robocop premise, there’s its Sin City aesthetic, its nod to Tron’s light cycles, and its Kill Bill-like fight in the snow—not to mention its many neo-noir flourishes, the most enjoyable of which is Dunham’s 'Lucky Fiori' toking on a cigar."

Here are the moments that prove "Bad Blood" is the Video Of The Year:

1. Taylor Kicking Ass

There's no denying how cool that is, and how much you want her to star in a superhero movie. Taylor Swift is pretty much a superhero already.

2. The Hulk Moment

TAYLOR SMASH! Incredible, indeed.

3. Taylor and Kendrick's Sweet Ride

We can't forget about Kendrick, even if he seems to be overshadowed by the badass ladies.

4. Three Hailee Steinfelds

The more Hailees, the merrier. We could sure use more of her talent in the world.

5. Celebrating Women Over 40

Despite focusing the younger ladies of Taylor's girl gang, "Bad Blood" also makes a powerful statement by spotlighting Hargitay and Pompeo. Considering all the conversation around Hollywood's treatment of women over 40 this year, this move definitely sends a message.

6. This Power Walk

These models know how to strut and how to be cool. Just like Andy Samberg and the Lonely Island sing, "Cool guys don't look at explosions."

7. Cara's Suicide Squad Teaser

I'm getting some major super villain vibes here, which will no doubt be in Delevigne's upcoming performance as Echantress.

8. The Awesome Kill Bill Fight

Taylor sure knows her Tarantino.

9. The Fact That The Villain Is A Woman

This one's for anyone who says that Taylor is too obsessed with racking up boyfriends than anything else. Being betrayed by your girlfriends cuts way deeper than any break-up with a guy could — and that is the true lesson at the heart of "Bad Blood."

Image: Youtube (1); Giphy (9)