9 Face Mists To Try For The Most Refreshing Cheeks You've Ever Experienced

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The latest in skincare trends seems to demand you add a new step to your daily beauty regimen — a face mist. Face mists have evolved past expensive water to spray on your face throughout the day. Companies like Glossier and Roots and Flowers are formulating facial sprays to not only be sweet-smelling and refreshing, but to also deliver a ton of skincare benefits in the process.

Using ingredients like rosewater, peppermint oil, aloe, and even kale, face mists are earning a far more promising reputation than in previous years. Their hydrating, soothing, and balancing properties make them deserving of a daily dose after cleaning and even in replacement of other toners. And as the summer temperatures climb, it's nice to have a part of your skin routine that can offer a quick and refreshing pick me up on the go for hot and tired faces.

I personally am a huge fan of face mists. They've become a part of my daily routine for both the skin benefits and the luxury of having my face smelling like a rose garden with just a spritz of a bottle. I have a rose face mist, which I'm obsessed with, and I even made my own face mist using lavender and aloe. I would recommend both types of mists if you have sensitive skin like me, since both rosewater and lavender are super gentle. I've rounded up some other super cool face mists on the market right now, catering to all of your face's scent and nutrient needs. Drink up!

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