17 Stylish Backpacks To Fulfill Your Every Wanderlust Dream And Then Get You Back To School

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Who says you need to be going back to school to get a new and stylish backpack? No matter what your age, the end of summer (I don't care about the autumnal equinox, once August hits, it's really all over) and the coming of fall will forever signify one thing: Back to school season. But just because you aren't headed to class doesn't mean that now isn't the perfect time to score a brand new backpack. In fact, there seems like no better time to indulge in a bit of school-age nostalgia, considering it's during this season when backpacks truly abound.

Of course, if you're not headed back to school, there are certain backpacks it'd probably be best to avoid; although if you're not headed to school, you probably wouldn't be drawn to them anyway. First off, take it from someone who is 5'1" — the wrong backpack on even the most well-meaning of wearers can make anyone look like a teenager the second it gets slung over a shoulder. Essentially, with a backpack, things can go from fashion forward to just entirely unprofessional really quick.

But again, chances are these types of backpacks most likely aren't the ones someone who no longer needs to go to school is drawn to in the first place. So for any post-grad yearning for a new backpack this September, here are some of the most ideal options — pencils and paper (and exam anxiety) not included.

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