Prince George Is SO Adorable When He Smiles

It's pretty much a given that any royal children Kate Middleton has or will have are going to be ridiculously cute, and Prince George is the perfect example of that. Don't get me wrong — I'm just as obsessed with Princess Charlotte, but as a toddler, Prince George has a lot more personality. And while he's definitely famous for being so over it ("it" being living life as the royal baby), his birthday portrait? Totally different from what we usually see from George. In a photo Kensington Palace released in honor of Prince George's second birthday on Wednesday, his dad, Prince William, is holding him as he grins directly at the camera. A smile from George is a rare thing, but it's basically the cutest thing ever.

Over the past two years, George has been an expert at looking exhausted by the responsibilities of being prince, so it's nice to see that he's actually probably just your average tot who's not always a fan of having a camera and a billion strangers in his face. It's hard to believe that he's already turning 2, but his 2 years on Earth have been pretty memorable, what with the whole "in line to be king" thing.

And this isn't the first time he's shown off his adorable grin. In fact, George is actually a pretty happy baby, even if he did accidentally make himself a meme as soon as he showed up on the planet.

1. His 2nd Birthday Portrait

So good!

2. When He Loved Sliding Down A Hill

Same, George. Same.

3. When He Was Super Pumped About Being A Big Brother

Because who wouldn't want to be adorable Princess Charlotte's brother? These two are going to be precious together as they get older.

4. When He Was Thrilled About Looking Out The Window

Something super awesome must have been outside. You know, besides the paparazzi.

5. When He Loved Cuddling With His Mom

If I was hugging Kate Middleton, I'd have a similar look on my face.

6. When He Greeted His Populace

He will be a very kind leader someday.

7. When He Just Could Not Get Enough Of His Sweater Vest...

This is the face of a baby who knows he's adorable.

8. And His Cardigan

OK, so this baby really loves sweaters.

9. And When He Was Just Happy To Be With His Family

I can't wait to see him grow over the next few years. He's going to be a heartbreaker!