Jamie Dornan Deserved An Emmy Nomination For 'The Fall' Because This 'Fifty Shades' Star Is More Than Just Eye Candy

Whether it's from seeing him strip down in Fifty Shades of Grey or rock a pair of tight jeans as Once Upon a Time's former sheriff, by now you undoubtedly know who Jamie Dornan is. However, don't let that flawless physique and attractive face fool you, for this actor is so much more than just a piece of eye candy. I mean, sure, the good looks help and I'm certainly not complaining about it, but his talents extend far beyond any kind of aesthetically pleasing appeal. This guy can ACT. And I'm not talking about any fluffy sort of acting here. What I'm referring to is hardcore, Meryl-Streep-type craft, which is why I was so disappointed that Jamie Dornan did not receive an Emmy nomination for his killer role in The Fall.

For those of you unaware of the premise of the BBC show, it centers around serial killer Paul Spector, played by Dornan, and a talented detective Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson) who is determined to bring him to justice (or perhaps die trying). The storyline itself is compelling, but it's Dornan's portrayal of this dark, complex character that really takes this psychological thriller to new and intriguing levels as to what goes on in the mind of a killer. And yet he still didn't receive any Emmy love for it? Not cool, guys. Not cool at all.

I think we can all agree that some of the best characters on television are the ones that leave you unsure as to whether or not you should be rooting for them. Yes, Paul is killing innocent victims, so why do I feel the urge to hope that he doesn't get caught? That's where Dornan's performance truly excels. He allows you to see his character as both a deadly psychopath and a loving husband, father, and (believe it or not) bereavement counselor. He's a complex configuration of both good and evil in a way that's very reminiscent (at least for me) to Michael C. Hall's portrayal of Dexter Morgan. There's a darkness inside of these men, for sure. But that doesn't mean that no light exists at all.

Granted, Dornan's Paul tips the scale a little more on the darker side since he's killing innocent women rather than other serial killers. And yet I still don't hate him, which is a true testament to Dornan's top-notch depiction of this fascinating character. Need more proof of the actor's exemplary work in this role? How about the fact that The Fall has been renewed for a third season and has taken up an impressive collection of critical acclaim along the way? Those aren't just fluke things that happened. In order for a show to succeed you need some impressive performances to back it up — something that Dornan more than brings to the table. (And Anderson too, of course, because, as always, she's flawless.)

So then what made the Emmy higher-ups look the other way? I'm not sure if Fifty Shades hindered how they view Dornan from here on out or what, but let me tell you that it was a huge oversight on their part — though certainly not the only one. (Looking at you, Jane the Virgin!) Dornan deserves much better praise than this and I am outraged on his behalf. But I guess it's like the saying goes: pride goeth before a fall. Or in this case, The Fall.

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