The Illustrated Denim Dictionary That Will Have You Jean Shopping Like A Pro In No Time

There is no fashion staple more universal than denim. There are literally over one billion pairs of jeans sold annually, and that's on top of the piles upon piles (that can't just be me) that we let build up in our closets over the years. Long story short, we buy and wear a ton of jeans. But just because everyone is shopping for jeans doesn't mean we know exactly what we're doing. Sure, we pick out cuts and trends that we like, but there's a whole world of denim knowledge that flies under the radar of most shoppers. From style and construction to production and care, denim is actually way more complicated than you think — but fear not. We've teamed up with Abercrombie & Fitch to bring you the illustrated denim dictionary that will up your shopping game forever.

As with any subject, knowing your key terms is essential to understanding what's going on. Whether you're shopping in-store or online, tags, displays, and product descriptions can bring up things you never knew you needed to know. But when you do get a handle on the vocabulary, your denim world seriously opens up. Not only will you become a savvier shopper, but you might even win Trivial Pursuit someday. And whether you're a visual or verbal learner, these 16 terms will have you well on your way.

Images: Caroline Wurtzel / Bustle

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