Yep, Pixar's New Movie Will Probably Make You Cry

After watching Disney Pixar's newest trailer for The Good Dinosaur, I’m currently experiencing a couple of major side effects: First off, I cannot stop smiling and secondly, sorry neighbors, but I cannot stop howling the words to Dionne Warwick's "That's What Friends Are For." Why? Oh, only because — based off of the trailer — this adorable, heart-warming film is the visual guide to how to be the best friend a person (or a dinosaur) could ever have. While it’s true that the Good Dinosaur trailer will have you feeling all the feels (thus continuing Pixar’s reputation for leaving moviegoers in emotional shambles), this film delves a bit deeper into the relationship between the dinosaur and the human boy and actually teaches people what to do with those feelings, specifically when it comes to friendships.

From the sometimes awkward manner in which you stumble upon new pals, to the moment you’re realize it’s time to stick up for your bestie or lend them a much-needed shoulder to cry on, this two minute, 26 second preview of The Good Dinosaur has all the habits of people with longstanding friendships covered. Seriously, I’m tempted to pick up the phone and call my best friend to have a dinosaur film-inspired heart-to-heart about the day we met.

Take a look at these nine friendship moments from The Good Dinosaur trailer:

1. The Moment Dinosaur And Boy First Meet

Not exactly friendship at first sight, but building true bonds takes time.

2. When They Cross Paths Again

Trust issues — we've all been there.

3. When They Play Amongst Fireflies

Total BFF moment.

4. When Boy Defends Dinosaur From A Snake

I literally cheered out loud at this gesture of fierce friendship protection.

5. When Boy And Dino Run Free

This would be the pre-historic version of "rollin' with the homies."

6. When They Release A Firefly

Seriously, if we free fireflies together, we're friends for life.

7. When They Flee For Their Lives

Nothing seals a BFF-ship like a near-death encounter with flying predators.

8. When They Goof Off Together

Good times, guys.

9. When They Howl At The Moon

Late night chill sessions and BFFs go hand in hand.

Check out the trailer below:

Images: Disney•Pixar/YouTube (10)