9 Female-Led Music Videos That Should Have Gotten A VMA Nomination For Video Of The Year

On Tuesday, the list of the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards nominations finally hit the Internet — and, to nobody's surprise, Taylor Swift totally dominated. It really is the Year of Taylor Swift, with her chart-topping consistency, record-breaking tours and empowering celebrations of female friendship. With her leading the nominations pack, the VMAs are going to be a big night for Swift, without a doubt.

While Swift's inevitable domination is super exciting, the entertainment industry still has a long way to go in terms of reaching gender equality in popular music. Women are pretty well-represented in the gender-neutral categories, with at least one female nominee for Best Hip Hop Video (Nicki Minaj), Best Pop Video (Taylor Swift), and Best Rock Video (Florence + the Machine) — but only one, like the nominating committee were satisfied just filling their quota. There is also only one female nominee for Artist to Watch, the extremely talented, genre-bending FKA twigs.

The music industry, much like the film and television industries, has a long way to go in terms of gender equality — on-stage and off. In particular, it seems many female artists were overlooked in favor of male ones in the VMA nominations: There are two female-fronted nominees for Video of the Year — Beyonce's "7/11" and Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" — and though both videos totally deserve the nominations, there are tons of other female artists who deserve to be up there with them.

Here are other interesting, creative videos by women on the A-List that should have been nominated for Video of the Year alongside them:

“I Really Like You,” Carly Rae Jepsen

CarlyRaeJepsenVEVO on YouTube

Just the mere existence of this video is hilarious. Starring Tom Hanks as Carly Rae Jepsen — in what would totally win Lip Sync Battle — the whole thing is adorable, and features Hanks signing ping pong paddles for fans, taking selfies, and then meeting up with Jepsen on the street. Also, Justin Bieber is there? This one deserves all the awards.

“Break Free,” Ariana Grande

ArianaGrandeVevo on YouTube

"What you are about to witness is scientifically authentic," the Star Wars-like opening credits assure us. It's two steps ahead of us in sexiness, and shows Grande as sci-fi heroine, almost channelling sexy '70s icon, Barbarella.

"Bang Bang," Ariana Grande, Jessie J & Nicki Minaj

JessieJVEVO on YouTube

This video not only provides a fun tour of New York City, but also balances the three big personalities well, giving each of the ladies their own zones and then having them come together for a heli-pad dance party.

"B**ch I'm Madonna," Madonna Ft. Nicki Minaj


The title says it all: B**ch, she's Madonna! How dare you disrespect her like this? Especially because she was a huge part of MTV's Golden Age! Come on, MTV.

"Anaconda," Nicki Minaj

NickiMinajAtVEVO on YouTube

This video was instrumental in proclaiming this year the Year of the Butt. This should be nominated for Video of the Year, if only for providing the inspiration for much of Amy Schumer's "Milk Milk Lemonade."

"Elastic Heart," Sia

SiaVEVO on YouTube

Reuniting Sia with her little alter ego Maddie Ziegler, and capitalizing on Shia LaBeouf's inherent weirdness, this is a great video. It is nominated for the VMA for Best Female Video, but not best overall, which is unfortunate.

"URL Badman," Lily Allen

Lily Allen on YouTube

Lily Allen is underrated this side of the Atlantic Ocean. The video combines trippy visuals that play on Internet buffering and loading images with sassy lyrics that make fun of Internet trolls. This is definitely the cleverest video in awhile.

"Masterpiece," Jessie J

JessieJVEVO on YouTube

A clever commentary on the pressures of fame, and an empowering anthem, Jessie J deserves more celebration of her solo efforts. Plus, she wrote "Party in the USA" — it would be fun to see her get more love at a show hosted by Miley Cyrus.

"Glass & Patron," FKA Twigs

FKA twigs on YouTube

She's more than just Robert Pattinson's fiancée! This is a powerful, emotional video, with its bizarre birthing imagery and the colorful silk.

I mean, it's all almost too much awesome to handle, right? Who else is up for an awards show that exclusively celebrates talented hardworking female artists?