12 Times You Wished Bethenny Frankel From 'Real Housewives Of New York' Could Speak For You

I cannot explain why, but there is just something about watching Real Housewives that really speaks to me. I'm a writer who is barely in my mid-twenties, yet the trials and tribulations of these wealthy, middle aged women are just so relatable to me. I can't draw many actual parallels between my life and theirs, but I have really accepted these women into my life and, if challenged, I could probably act out some of their legendary scenes — or at least quote some of their most shady lines. And the most quotable Housewife of all time has to be my girl Bethenny Frankel from The Real Housewives of New York City .

Thank God Bethenny returned to her role on RHONY as a series regular during Season 7. The show was definitely not the same without her. The 44-year-old really has the best things to say in response to every situation. I cannot believe the words that come out of her mouth sometimes, but most of the time I agree with her. Nevertheless, she usually says exactly what she's thinking, and while it'd be nice to follow her lead on this, I would never actually verbalize things the way she does in social interactions of my own. There are so many situations where it'd be great to have Bethenny speak on your behalf...

1. When A Friend Will Not Stop Talking About The Same Thing Over And Over

I try my best to be a patient listener, but I cannot help but get tired when a friend tells the same story over and over again in the same exact way. Just stop. We have all listened to this 933039393 times.

2. When A Friend Will Not Stop Talking About Your Business

If I wanted to talk about my personal life, I would talk about my personal life. You have to have more to talk about than me — right?

3. When You Have Zero Interest In Whatever Your Friend Is Talking About

I've been stuck at plenty of dinners where I'm stuck listening to five people debate a television show I've never watched or a sport that I have zero interest in. I just wish that I could zone out until the topic of conversation is something that I actually care about.

4. When Your Friend Is Too Drunk For You To Deal With

Let's be honest, we all have "one of those nights" every now and then. And as long as it doesn't happen all the time, it's really no big deal. Still, it can be a little difficult to be the friend of the girl who is having "one of those nights." After finally making it home and enjoying drunk pizza, we all just want this friend togo to sleep!

5. When You Are In An Awkward Social Situation

Sometimes there isn't really much to say other than a sarcastic remark under your breath.

6. When You And A Long-Time Friend Have Nothing In Common Anymore

You know when there's that friend who you've known for 10 years, but have drifted apart from? Sometimes you just simply don't have anything in common anymore. It's hard to get the guts to say you shouldn't hang out anymore, but Bethenny clearly has no problem with that.

7. When You Have Brunch Plans After A Crazy Night Out With The Crew

Nothing makes a crazy night more awkward then having to sit face to face with your squad at a brunch table for a recap of everything that went down. It would be nice to have an outside party around to mediate inner-clique disputes.

8. When You Are Trying To Gossip, But Don't Want To Seem Like A Gossip

I love to know what's going on, but I hate prying. I just want all of the information to come to me without actually seeming like I care. This is why I casually need to ask about the latest gossip and play it cool with a sip of a drink right after. Easier said than done.

9. When An Acquaintance Gives Unsolicited Advice

I have no problem asking for help, but when I don't even approach you for an opinion... Well, as always, Bethenny puts it best.

10. When A Friend Brings Up An Embarrassing Story From Two Years Ago

Yes, I know what I did on New Year's Eve 2013. No, I do not want to talk about it. Do we have to go through this same story yet another time? Apparently, because I don't have the guts to shut down this conversation.

11. When You Are Not At All Into The Topic Of Conversation

I wish I could fast forward or eliminate conversations that I do not care about, but sadly I am not as frank as Frankel.

12. When You Have No Words

Sometimes choosing food over talking just feels so right.

Yep, Bethenny Frankel knows how to take control of any uncomfortable situation.

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