What Audrey Should Do After Her 'BB17' Eviction

Mo' Audrey, mo' problems is how I've started to view Big Brother this year. It seems as if the only way Audrey knows how to function in the game is by lying, backstabbing, or creating drama. Even if you watch the live feeds, it's nearly impossible to keep up with her wacky strategy. In her Diary Room moments aired in the episodes, we usually see her talking about what a feat it is to still be on the show, but her days are truly numbered now. The question has shifted from, "Will Audrey go home this week?" to, "What will Audrey do when she's evicted from Big Brother ?" And... well... that might be an even bigger mystery than her BB strategy.

Over the weekend, some of the houseguests were up talking about the possibility of backdooring Audrey, and Jason pointed out that Audrey is the only houseguest who has never shared any real information about her life. The houseguests have now gotten to know a lot about each other's personal lives. They've talked about their dating history, world travel stories, family life and upbringing, and on and on. With nowhere to go and nobody else to talk to, it just makes sense, right? Not for Audrey, apparently. The only thing they know about her is that she's the first transgender Big Brother houseguest and works as a digital media consultant. And now that she's almost out the door, it's hard to see how she'll suddenly start opening up.

The thing is, we don't know much more than that about her either.

We know she lives with her parents and is super into astrology and tarot cards. We know she's had a lot of different jobs. We know she lived in Utah for a while. Ummmmm... That's pretty much it, off the top of my head.

So what on earth will she do now? Sure, she could just go back to living a regular life, but something tells me that's out of the question for Audrey.

One thing's for certain, whatever she does after BB17 will need to put her in a leadership position. Her BB profile lists her favorite motto as, "Throw me to wolves and I'll come back leading the pack!" I can see how that probably set up her strategy in the house! Hopefully she'll have better luck with it back out in the real world. Entrepreneurship seems like the way to go for this gal, and maybe she can strengthen her intuition and psychic abilities to help people get out of tough situations. She's definitely had her fair share of those, so people should listen to her advice. And for more on Audrey, check out Bustle's BB17 podcast.

Tuning into my own psychic abilities, I see Audrey back in the BB house for sure. If she watches all the footage and studies everyone else's moves, she can learn from her mistakes to make it farther in the game if she's given another chance. Maybe this time, she can actually be America's Player!

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Image: CBS