7 Ways 'The Good Dinosaur' Trailer Proves How Important The Bond Of Friendship Is — VIDEO

It's no secret that Pixar has produced some amazing films in the past few years, and it's also no secret that each and every one of them have always spoken to the hearts of 21st century children (and adults). Instead of the typical princess fairy tales that were so prevalent during my childhood, Pixar has elevated children's movies to a whole other level. With Inside Out, they explored emotions and validated children's feelings, while letting them know its perfectly OK to be sad sometimes — and now, with the new trailer for Pixar's upcoming film The Good Dinosaur, it looks like animation studio is already preparing to break everyone's hearts all over again.

In a world where Earth never got hit by the asteroid that led to the dinosaurs' extinction, The Good Dinosaur tells the story of a dinosaur named Arlo who, after getting lost, befriends a human cave-boy named Spot. Based off of the trailer, The Good Dinosaur looks like it's going to be centered around this unlikely duo's friendship. Since our society is desperately trying to combat bullying while embracing differences, The Good Dinosaur will surely resonate with children. Though Arlo and Spot couldn't be more different, it looks like they learn to depend on one another. Here are seven moments in The Good Dinosaur trailer that show us why friendship is so important.

1. When Spot Was Just A Tad Braver Than Arlo

If we were all afraid of the same things, then life would be rather difficult. Like Arlo, I'm no fan of snakes. However, it looks as though Spot isn't fazed much by them. It's always great to have a friend who can help you combat your fears. The hard things in life shouldn't be faced alone.

2. When Arlo Showed Spot the Magic of Fireflies

Great friendships involve learning and teaching and opening your eyes to new things, because everyone is not going to be equally knowledge on all subjects. Friends are in our lives to help show us the things we may be missing out on. Arlo looks thrilled to show Spot how magical fireflies can be.

3. When Arlo & Spot Stuck Together Despite The Rain

Life has its up and downs, but people who help us through difficult times are the best kind of friends. Even when it's raining, things seems a bit easier when your friends are by your side.

4. When This Dino Helped Others Out

One of the hardest lessons I've had to learn is how to ask for help when I need it. The best friends are those who extend a hand without you even having to ask.

5. When Arlo Let Spot Go For A Ride

If you want to get somewhere fast, it's easy to do so alone. However, if you want to go far then your friends are your best allies and companions. Since he's able to rest atop Arlo's head, Spot will certainly witness things he's never even thought possible.

6. When Arlo Didn't Question Spot's Evening Routine

Everyone has their kooky character traits. Whether you like to howl at the moon like Spot, or dance around in your undies, your friends won't judge your actions because they love you.

7. When Spot Held On to Arlo

No one likes a clinger. However there are times when you're going to have to rely more heavily on your friends. Hopefully, they won't be too annoyed during these periods and you'll be happy to return the favor when it's time for you to reciprocate.

Watch the entire trailer below.

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