'The Muppets' New Trailer Preview Will Give You Even More Reason To Tune Into This Show — VIDEO

It's baa-aaack! As previously reported, the much-anticipated series The Muppets is headed to TV this fall and we just got a super in-depth look at what's coming. This new The Muppets series sneak peek trailer comes to us in the form of an 11-minute preview that sets up the premise of the show. Spoiler: It's already looks amazing.

In the clip, we're re-introduced to the classic gang (including my favorite feminist, Miss Piggy). As Kermit explains at the beginning, ABC wants to reboot the show — the only problem is that Miss Piggy, jilted after Kermit dated another pig, refuses to sign on and this stops production. The only option is for Kermit and Gonzo to find Miss Piggy on the set of her new movie and try to convince her to join the show.

Miss Piggy assures the pair that she's moved on and proves it by laying one on Topher Grace. (I KNOW.) However, her loyalties to the show (and, let's be honest, Kermit) eventually win over and she steps in to save the day.

Along the way, we're hit with pop culture reference that range between everything from Katy Perry to Dean & DeLuca. The humor is just as fantastic as we've come to expect with the Muppets, making this fall seem really, really far away. Until then, you can check out seven amazing moments from the previews in GIF form.

When Fozzie Is Defeated By A Paper Plane

He can't catch a break, can he?

The First Pop Culture Reference

Yes, Animal just promised to do Crossfit.

When Gonzo Parodies Mockumentary-Style Shows

"Cut to interviews? That is just a totally overused device," Gonzo explains, in his one-on-one interview.

When Kermit Inadvertently Shades Elizabeth Banks

Apparently she isn't famous enough for him.

When Topher Grace Flirts With Miss Piggy

New couple goals.

When Kermit Jokes About Marijuana Legalization

The band was always happy, it's just legal now.

When Miss Piggy Ruins Her Own Grand Entrance

Her wipeout only makes me more excited for what the show has in store.

Images: ABC Television Network/YouTube (8)