Karlie Kloss Launches YouTube Channel, Inviting Followers & Fans To The Behind-The-Scenes Part Of Her Life

I love how social media has allowed us to get to know our favorite models and celebrities, giving us a glimpse of their fun and unique personalities that we normally wouldn't see through their fierce gazes on the catwalk. But Instagram and Twitter can only reveal so much, which is why Miss Down-to-Earth Karlie Kloss launched a YouTube channel to bring her fans closer, giving a intimate peek at all the behind-the-scenes moments of her life.

In her first introductory video on her channel, Kloss explains, "I've spent the majority of my life in front of a camera, but not my camera. And that's where [my YouTube channel] is different." She continues to talk about how a lot of crazy stuff goes down when she's on set and how she'll even give some real insight about how she's feeling just moments before stepping out onto the runway.

Although she's most known for her modeling career, Kloss explains how it isn't her, "sole focus." Not only is the 22-year-old model expanding her coding knowledge as she gains more baking experience, but she has also just recently been accepted to New York University.

Klossy on YouTube

Seriously, is there anything Karlie can't do? I guess the only way to find out is to subscribe to her YouTube channel (Klossy). I, personally, can't wait to get to know Kloss better!

Video: Klossy/YouTube