Karlie Kloss 'Marie Claire' Essay Teaches Us 3 Beauty Secrets That Have Little To Do With Product

While I'm sure every model could teach us a thing or two about their daily beauty routines, a former Victoria's Secret Angel would like to remind us that true beauty emerges from the inside, and is reflected on the outside. Karlie Kloss revealed her beauty secrets for Marie Claire Tuesday in her essay "Karlie Kloss in Her Own Words: An Essay on Beauty, Confidence, and Keeping It All Together," none of which involve cosmetic enhancement.

We all know by now that Kloss is not the stereotypical supermodel. From her Instagram account alone we can get a sense of who she is as a 22-year-old Chicago native who just happens to be growing up glamorous. Underneath her designer clothing and flawless makeup artistry, Kloss's interests include shamelessly fifth wheeling with gal pals Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift and their respective beaus, spending time with family, eating delicious food and being active, all while pursuing a successful career as a fashion icon.

So, naturally, it came as no surprise that Kloss's mentality towards beauty is that as long as you are focused on how you feel on the inside, that beauty will reflect on your outer appearance. And believe me, she would know.


Kloss is less about talking the talk and more about putting words into actions, specifically when it comes to lending a hand to those in need. In 2012, Kloss raised over $58,000 for AIDS research by leading the Step Forward team to victory at the AIDS Walk in New York while the supermodel also collaborated Momofuku Milk Bar's Christina Tosi to create dairy-free and gluten-free cookies whose proceeds go toward FEED Around the World projects. Makeup is the last thing this girl needs, Kloss is beautiful on her own.

Check out the three beauty secrets we learned from her essay for Marie Claire below.

1. Beauty Stems From The Inside

"For me, it's not just about appearances. When I do charitable work, that's when I feel most beautiful."

Indeed, giving back to those less fortunate absolutely does beautiful the soul.

2. Exercise

"I usually work out four or five times a week, and I like to mix it up so I don't get bored. I'll strength-train with my trainer, Justin Gelband, and then get in some cardio or take a ballet class to work on my flexibility. Dance has always been an incredible physical and mental escape for me. An hour-long run or exercise class helps me feel better on the inside, and that makes a difference in how I look."

Anyone who knows me knows Kloss and I see eye to eye on this one. I make sure to work out four to five times a week as well, and each day that starts with an hour session of cardio or lifting makes a difference in my overall attitude, which in turn effects how I feel about my outer appearance.

3. Eat Healthy

"I drink fresh juices a lot. And before I go to bed, I always make sure to drink a large glass of water because I feel like it helps flush out any toxins from my body."

You are what you eat, I guess? It's always good to balance out the good stuff with a healthy does of, well, healthy!

Images: Getty Images; karliekloss/Instagram (10)