5 Times Obama Rocked 'The Daily Show'

President Obama will be making his seventh appearance — and likely his final as sitting president — on The Daily Show Tuesday evening. This appearance is part of a series of high-profile interviews that the well-loved host is conducting as he prepares to leave the show on Aug. 6, after 16 years on the job. Jon Stewart's past interviews with Obama have included discussions of Obamacare, Hillary Clinton, and Guantanamo Bay — and Stewart never shies away from controversy, so Tuesday's interview promises to be interesting.

If you want to relive Stewart's time on The Daily Show, you can head over to Comedy Central's "Month of Zen" — they're live streaming every episode Stewart has hosted since 1999. But before you catch the show Tuesday night, take a look at some of the best moments from Obama's past appearances on the show. Obama's a regular on the late-night TV scene, and maybe even a regular on the see-hosts-off-as-they-prepare-to-leave scene, given that he also helped see David Letterman off when he was preparing to leave The Late Show. Try not to get too emotional — these moments have all been building up to Tuesday's final showdown, during which Obama will discuss Donald Trump, unfinished business in the Middle East, and his impending departure from office.

1. Angry Obama, The Pothead

This interview from Aug. 22, 2007 was the first time Obama appeared on the show after having announced that he was running for president. He arrived on set to cheers of "You rock, Barack!" after which he commented on the fact that young people actually seemed to be getting serious about politics, something he was excited about. Then, Stewart read him some particularly ridiculous headlines, including "Angry Obama the pothead is not how they remember him in Hawaii." That definitely got some laughs.

2. 2008 Election Season

This interview is from Oct. 29, 2008, just days before Obama would go on to win the presidency. Look how young he looked! And how excited! As he says in the clip, he and his team were "counting down every single day," and he believed that he "had a good shot" at victory. Stewart also expressed his excitement, saying that The Daily Show clearly isn't a "swing show."

3. Mug Force 1

In this great clip from Oct. 27, 2010, Stewart hands Obama a specially designed mug, dubbed "Mug Force 1," and proceeds to pour water into it from another mug that he pulls out of nowhere. And then, Stewart asked the audience: "When you guys go to work, do people typically applaud?" to which Obama responded that such a warm welcome was not common when he goes to Republican caucus meetings.

4. On Mitt Romney And Guantanamo

On Oct. 18, 2012, following a couple of presidential debates with Mitt Romney, Obama got down and dirty with the issues on this episode of The Daily Show. During this interview, he spoke to his track record — which included ending the war in Iraq, and he explained why Romney would not make a good president. Obama also reiterated his intentions to close the Guantanamo Bay prison, which he acknowledged was a promise he had been unable to keep during his first term, and told Americans that there was "no excuse" not to vote, especially given how high the stakes were.

5. The First Interview

As we get ready to watch Stewart's last interview with Obama, let's go back to the very first one, from Nov. 7, 2005. Obama was still an Illinois Senator at this time, and did a great job of drawing laughs from the crowd with comments like "I think the Democrats are feeling a little frisky right now." This interview is particularly funny in hindsight, because Obama expressed concern over the possibility that his political career might come to an untimely end. “I do worry about the hype,” Obama told Stewart. “The only person more overhyped than me is you.”